This week’s Going Si-ral, was more of the same. Willie and Si joined together to make corny jokes about the internet…and of course, we loved it. Here’s a Duck Dynasty recap of this week’s Going Si-ral Episode.

Be My Friend

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The 3rd episode of the Duck Dynasty spin-off Going Si-ral opened with Si Robertson complaining to his nephew Willie Robertson that he hadn’t accepted his facebook friend request. The old Uncle referred to the popular social networking site as “The Facebook,” and continued to pester Willie. Si said, “I ain’t doing the show unless you’re my friend on the facebook!” Willie finally agreed to accept the request, and Si opened the show by stating, “Aloha Internet!”

Kung Fu Panda

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Willie and Si began to watch and commentate on viral videos. The first were martial arts themed. A bear twirling a baton impressed Uncle Si. He said, “All the kung-fu movies that they make were based on that bear!” Willie made his signature eye roll and called the bear the Kung-fu Panda. Then came a series of martial arts fails. People in the videos were trying to master fighting skills but were falling short across the board. The videos weren’t particularly entertaining, but Uncle Si’s comments made for some good laughs.

Cooking Video

Next came the portion of the show where Si recreates a viral video. This week Uncle Si made a how-to cooking video. The clip showed how to make Si’s famous “napalm chili.” The chili was mixed in his old military helmet. It was probably the least appetizing thing the viewers had ever seen. We don’t actually believe Uncle Si would ever eat the mixture which consisted of beans, bagged cheese, chips, chili meat, and condiments. 


Miss Kay, Alan Robertson, and Mountain Man made guest appearances. They played a game called Si-detector. The game consists of the three contestants trying to convince Uncle Si that they know what will happen next in a viral clip. This is the third week this game has been played. However, It was Alan Robertson’s first time playing. Alan is Si’s oldest nephew and only recently became involved in the Duck Dynasty franchise.

Silas Says

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The next segment features Si asking questions from fans. Each week the questions have become more obscure. Uncle Si always seems to answer in a roundabout and unpredictable way. He did disclose that his favorite place in the world is Louisiana and that his diet consists of whatever he wants. Si really is the quintessential quirky Uncle.

Overall, Going Si-ral is a heartwarming and silly spin-off. Although it isn’t exactly the hard-hitting drama or groundbreaking comedy, it makes for a calming 30 minutes of chuckles.

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