The Next Big Bang Theory Episode

The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 21 "The Separation Agitation" Guidephoto by The next Big Bang Theory Episode is set to air soon, and will be titled The Separation Agitation. We’ve got quite a few SPOILERS to share. It looks like Raj is once again trying to find love, and Bernadette is combating the end of her maternity leave. Here’s what to expect.

Apparently a large part of the next episode will follow Bernadette and Howard as they leave Halley at daycare for the first time. Many first time parents have a hard time trusting anyone with their newborn, especially hired strangers. We imagine there will be quite a few tears, and some solid comedy, out of this situation. Bernadette had already previously expressed her concern for not getting to spend enough time with Halley in last week’s TBBT episode.

Bert Has A New Girlfriend

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We haven’t seen Bert since he was stood up by the girl he met of G-Harmony (E-Harmony for Geologists.) However, it’s been announced that he has a new gal pal and will be introducing her to the gang. Apparently her name is Rebecca and she will be played by April Bowlby.

The Promo clip released by CBS also shows Raj once again pining for love. We’re reminded that Penny set up Bernadette with this funny exchange:

Leonard: Don’t you have any friends he could date?

Penny: I already set up Howard and Bernadette. It’s your turn to ruin some poor girl’s life.

Sheldon and Amy’s Attraction

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Meanwhile, Raj asks what Sheldon what originally attracted him to Amy. When he answers “Her body,” the entire gang is shocked. However  Amy quickly clarifies, “Relax, we’re the same blood type. He knew he could harvest an organ.” Hilarious.

We can’t wait to see the new Big Bang Theory Episode. Do you think Raj will find love? And will Bernadette and Howard be able to let go of Halley for even just a few hours?

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