Kripke Actor Read For Leonard Role

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBSThe Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Initially, when the creators behind The Big Bang Theory were casting, they were primarily “calling all nerds.” Actor John Ross Bowie said that he once read for Leonard, before later being cast as Sheldon’s nemesis, Kripke.

For the pilot, “They were seeing pretty much every nerd in LA for the two main roles and I actually read for the part of Leonard. When I found out (Johnny) Galecki got it, I was uncharacteristically not resentful!” said the actor.

John Ross Bowie added, “I didn’t know him, but was familiar with his work and felt he was a good match for the role.”

Kripke And Sheldon: Frenemies For Life

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

While Kripke’s role isn’t as prominent on the show as Leonard, he’s certainly created quite the name for himself. The character first arrived when his robot destroyed Howard’s robot, and he’s been in many other shows as well.

Our favorite episodes include when Kripke and Sheldon were trying to play basketball and also when Sheldon was trying to make Kripke be his friend. This, of course, was only to get access to a lab, rather than a need for real friendship.

Now, however, the actor has a new role.

A Villain With An Elmer Fudd Voice

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBSThe Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“They were looking for a reoccurring ‘villain’ and Chuck remembered me,” said the actor. “Initially, I played the character as an alfa nerd bully, but Chuck thought he should have some vulnerability so Chuck suggested a speech impediment. I tried something subtle, but what came out was this Elmer Fudd voice.”

The iconic Kripke role led John Ross Bowie to a new series, called Speechless. The show stars Bowie, as a husband, alongside his wife, played by Minnie Driver. Together, the duo raises two children, one with a handicap.

John Ross Bowie feels very fortunate that he got the role on The Big Bang Theory as he believes it led to the new starring role. On the new ABC comedy, the series is dealing with something never before seen on television.

Have you seen this new show which features Kripke actor John Ross Bowie?

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