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Annette Young has been working as a professional writer for approximately 14-years and is passionate about the written word. She is the author of 18-books in her own name and has ghost-written numerous books for clients worldwide. Annette is a real yoga enthusiast and believes it is the perfect salve to a stressful day. She also teaches meditation and has written hundreds of meditation scripts to help soothe the mind and for personal development. A lover of nature and wildlife and having been involved in many animal rescues, Annette cares deeply about environmental issues.

MeditationMarch 19, 2018

How The Power Of The Mind Can Heal Your Arthritis Pain

No one can doubt the anxiousness that is interconnected with an upsetting health diagnosis such as arthritis. Stress and inner fear can intensify joint pain due to the mind body connection. But there is a solution. You can heal and soothe arthritis pain with mindfulness meditation. Fear is paralyzing There’s no doubt that the fear…

by Annette Young
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