Issue 169 of The Walking Dead just hit the shelves of your local comic book shop and it looks like Robert Kirkman’s zombie drama is about to get another long, extensive storyline.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics The comics are ahead of the AMC series, and since they have just wrapped the Whisperer War, it’s time for a new story arc to take place during the aftermath of the most recent war.

The war took months for readers, but only a few days for the characters.

The Aftermath Of The Whisperer War

The Whisperers from The Walking Dead comic book (Image Credit: Image Comics)Image Credit: Image Comics

Comic Book writes:

“While the Whisperer War turned out to be more action-driven than compelling with its story, the issues since have proven that Kirkman’s series is not going anywhere. Opening up Negan as one of the most conflicted characters has provided a new angle for the series to explore, which also opened the doors for conflict between Rick and the community he is leading as the events of issue #100 have not been forgotten.”

“Issue #169 is largely a filler issue of sorts. Many of the characters are coming to terms with Negan’s heroics in turning the Saviors away from their attack on the community, Rick is still reeling from the loss of his wife, and people are beginning to question whether or not he is capable of keeping the community in check.”

Jesus Finally Tells Rick The Truth

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

In addition, Carl Grimes has left the watchful eye of his father to return to Hilltop to try and rebuild the community. Jesus has developed his own life in Alexandria and wishes to stay there.

The complex story ahead will involve Jesus. In Issue 169, it sounds like Jesus and Aaron are about to get together, which has been a long-time coming moment for fans of the comic book.

Jesus finally tells Rick the truth about their relationship.

Do you think Rick Grimes expected this moment from Jesus?

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