Jim Parsons recently revealed how the idea for the Sheldon spin-off series came about. Apparently Jim has a nephew a lot like a younger Sheldon, and the idea snowballed from there.

Young Sheldon Spin-Off Series

Image result for young sheldonphoto by IMDb.com The Young Sheldon spin-off series is set to premiere this September. The highly anticipated show will chronicle the early life of Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon Cooper. Jim Parsons will be lending his voice over to the show, but that’s not all he’s done to help guarantee its success.

Parsons admits he actually dreamed up the idea. You might have assumed he has been thinking about Sheldon’s childhood for a while and wanted to make a show out of it…but that’s not exactly what happened. He recently explained, “We had been asked by [CBS] executives, ‘Would you look into your own life? Because those pitch well,’… So we were looking at my family and one of my nephews, my sister’s kids, her oldest, he’s very smart. Not like in a Sheldon way, but they frequently say, ‘Where did he come from?’ So we were like, this sounds like a good idea. And the more we talked — they’re in Texas — and it was, like, this relates.”

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Apparently, Jim pitched the idea to Chuck Lorre, the creator of Big Bang Theory. He said, “‘Listen we have this idea. It also sounds like this. If this interests you and you want to look into this together, let’s chat. If not, we can go on our merry way and change it enough that it doesn’t relate as much.” Apparently, both Lorre and Steve Molaro (showrunner at Big Bang) fell in love with the idea.

Real And Authentic

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Because the spin-off series is being created by The Big Bang Theory creators and is executive produced by Jim himself, it’s sure to be as authentic and cohesive as possible. Jim is even helping Iain Armitage, the young actor playing Sheldon, to understand and portray the character. Jim said, “it’s beautiful — even more than I could have dreamed of.”

Will you be tuning in to watch Young Sheldon this September?

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