Walking Dead Fans Go Crazy, the Cast Screams F#ck NEGAN – Also [Possible Spoiler] Find out who Negan Killed


Walking Dead Fans Go Crazy, the Cast Screams F#ck NEGAN – Also [Possible Spoiler] Find out who Negan Killed

Yep, you heard right. For reasons yet known, the cast of the Walking Dead was recently seen wearing shirts that had F#ck Negan written on them. Maybe they’re just as pissed about the climactic, cliffhanger season finale.

Maybe they’re mad because one of them have been offed by the Walking Dead’s worst villain to date. We don’t know who Negan ended up whacking at the end of Season 6, chances are the Cast does though and they’re probably not too happy about it.

fuck negan

The shirts can be seen being worn by all the main actors of the show and they look sick as hell. The cool thing about the shirts is each cast member is sporting a shirt with their own character on it. It could be a sneaky marketing trick to sell more shirts. It’d be more badass though if they were showing real life support against the evil Negan.

Either way, you can get the shirts on special now and they may not be around for long. In case you missed the end of Season 6, Negan had the crew lined up on their knees and went through a very intense round of eenie, meenie, miney, moe. At the end, of the song, Negan proceeds to smash one of the crew in the face with his wire wrapped baseball bat.


Here’s the spoiler – so if you don’t want to know who it probably was that died, don’t read the rest of this article. The best assumption from everything I’ve studied and what I’ve heard from other estimates is it wat the toughest member of the crew, Abraham.

Robert Kirkman, plainly said there are clues. When you watch the final scenes, you see the bat come down from the point of view of the character who is killed. First, there is no obstruction in the vision of the person killed. So Glen, Daryl, Michonne, Carl and Rick are all excluded as they have hair in front of their eyes. Secondly, Negan is not known to kill woman, so Sasha and Rashida are most likely safe as well.

Next, we have the three most likely candidates.

Aaron, Eugene and Abraham. Then there is the view point, no trailer and completely clear. Plus, if the audio is slowed down, you hear Maggie yell, “Glenn.” Then Negan says, “Taking it like a champ!” Now, since Abraham is the toughest, that would make sense. Also you hear a very muffled, “Glenn.” After the bat is swung. Most likely that is Abraham telling Glenn not to move, as the reason Maggie probably yelled Glenn is because he was trying to get close to her.

Lastly, this is not something I’ve seen yet, in the Season 7 trailers there is a scene where Abraham winks at Negan and blows a kiss. Abraham is not known to back down and would likely sacrifice himself for the good of the group. Negan is known to be easily provoked and intelligent so it makes sense he would take out the toughest character for safety. Especially if Abraham actually winked at him. So now you have it, the best guess as to who is killed by Negan. Would love to hear you

  • rie

    who’s Rashida first of all …….Rosita

  • Cynthia Rock

    Those shirts are photoshopped as well.

  • Cheryl Lynn Dennis Robbins

    Who cares we all will find out come October . And even when we do find out I’m still not going to care I’m still going to watch and no I won’t riot . It has been rumored that Norman Reedus is supposably going to be in Zombie Land 2 . I don’t know how true that is but that’s what I have been told

  • Lisa

    No matter who it is, its going to be a major loss for the group. And while I hope it’s not one of my more favored characters, I will continue to watch the series til the very end.

    However, I have always suspected it to be one of two people. I personally think it’s Glenn or Abe. I’ve leaned more towards Abe over time.

    1) Abe is the strongest
    2) He’d do anything for the sake of the group.
    3) He kind of bowed up at Negan as if silently challenging him
    4) Negan is easily provoked and he would see that bowing up as a challenge and accept said challenge.

  • nicole

    Maggie is killed by negan…..then glen is killed for not sitting still since negan warned him already…..maggie calls for glen with her dying breath

  • Iain Ansell

    The way the story went with Eugene becoming more useful….’i’m a survivor now’ and finally being a full part of the group, I think there’s a chance Eugene is the one that died….

  • Feh Marie

    I have said that for a long time! It definitely makes sense to me – Abraham was the only character who was giving Negan that hardcore face!! All I have to say – is I still won’t like it. I will probably curse loudly “motherdiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!!”

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