THE LATEST: What All Big Bang Theory Fans Ought To Know About Season 10… This Changes Everything

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It seems like every time I type ‘the Big Bang Theory into Google, I get some article about the show coming to an end after season 10. Kaley Cuoco did say on Jimmy Kimmel that she felt that 10 seasons was enough. However, later on, she went on The Talk and said:

“We’re so in love with each other, and we still have so much fun, that I can safely say we want to be here as long as possible—we’re nowhere near done,” she said.

With all the conflicting articles and different opinions from the cast popping up, it is really hard to keep the story straight. I think the bottom line is that they don’t really know and we’ll just have to wait and see. However, it seems like the producers are leaving some hints that the show may be ending after the current season.

As the relationship of Penny and Leonard blossomed, they decided to renew their vows. Mostly for the sake of their families. With the arrival of Penny’s mother and brother, it was also Leonard’s first time to meet them.

Amy will finally move in with Sheldon, which is a dream-come-true for her. The same goes for the avid viewers who waited for their relationship to reach the next level. When Amy’s apartment becomes flooded, Sheldon has no choice but to give it a try and lessen his reservations for Amy.

Raj, however, has to decide between Emily and Claire. He has been dating both girls from previous episodes. A producer has hinted that he should choose between the two this season. As the season after this is not sure to happen yet.

Lastly, Howard and Bernadette are going through the motions of first-time parents, and are anxious to know baby’s gender. Things are really doing great for this couple as they will be having a vacation in Palm Springs.

It seems like the only real “hint” is that they are rushing for Raj to choose between Emily and Claire. But, there is one other thing that could be a hint. It seems as though everyone’s story lines are wrapping up during this season.

Now, it is true that the writers could think of ways to expand on the story. For example, we could watch the Walowitz baby grow up, follow the married lives of Shamy and Lenny, and we could follow the relationship of whoever Raj ends up with up. But the question is how long would we want it to go on?

The Walowitz baby plot line could keep the show going on for years. But would anyone be worried that the writing would go stale? Do you think any of these stories could work? Or do you think the show should end after this season? I’m sure reruns will be around for a while, and we have DVDs.

What’s your opinion? Do you want the writers to keep going? Also, are you Team Emily? Or Team Claire? I would really like to know our readers’ opinions of that love triangle.

Raj and Cinnamon
Raj and Cinnamon

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  1. Keep it going! I think there is still a lot the writers can come up with to keep the fans happy. I think that as long as the actors and actresses are willing to keep going, then keep going!

  2. Keep it going! Bring in the comic store dude (can’t remember his name) and start some sort of story line with him. I don’t care which one Raj chooses just let him have a relationship. He is the only one without a girlfriend or wife. It would be fun watching how he handles a relationship with either one. He is the only one that has not had a exclusive girlfriend. I think there is a lot more that could be done with Shamy too. With them living together could make a good situation to watch.

  3. Have they lost there mind . It is great show. They have to be crazy to stop this show. Who ever wants to cancel show needs to be fired.

  4. This show is even bigger than friends why would they shoot a gipped horse in the mouth? Way way to many ways to continue the story line in many different directions

  5. Personally I love the show and I think they should keep it going as long as they can.
    I can understand that the show has been on for years and they want to try new parts, but the cast should understand that when the show ends some of them may have trouble finding work. This show has typecast them and it will be hard to break out of their on stage persona.

  6. it needs to go on and on and on.. It is one of the main shows I look forward to each week. There is still so much more to be done with each couple’s stories.

  7. I am planning on having their grandchildren attend the same university that their grandparents taught at..Big Bang-You Rock! You just keep getting bigger..

  8. I think the introduction of children will ruin the show. Writers always depict the male as being an idiot, maybe their writers will be different but doubtful.

  9. I want to see the baby and I would love to see some more babies in the future. Raj will have to choose over an unplanned bundle. Or perhaps he will meet someone unexpectedly, replacing them both. Nothing could be better then Sheldon and Amy FINALLY getting married! Please do not end yet, I love this show so much I even watch the reruns.

  10. This show makes me laugh when I don’t want to smile. I know the characters are wondering “where do we go from here?” Ten seasons is a long time, buy if the Simpsons can do it, so can the BBT!! I’m on team cinnamon for Raj!

  11. I think that now we all know Sheldon is gay, the Amy romance is too out there Sheldon needs a bro friend instead. Lenny is getting too sappy and Bernadette is voice is wearing on the nerves
    Its just getting old. I mean the elevator has been broken for ten years?

  12. This is the only time I laugh…this show needs to keep going, there is so much of life to tell. If money is an issue…pay these actors what they want, they definitely deserve their pay raise. I would like to see another 5 or 10 years.

  13. I watch the show religiously. I think the show should keep going as long as the ratings are still good. It is like I am a part of their lives each and every week and I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner for each and everyone of them even Stewart. Please don’t take the show of the air yet!!!!

  14. Love this show . would hate to see it end. Hope they will continue with the series. Look forward to every new epsiode to see what all are up to and what else Sheldon can do.

  15. The world has to much sadness in it. There are so many reality shows and drama and action. This world needs note comedy and laughter. The big bang theory has the fun laughter that we all need.

  16. I would like it to continue with all of them, mostly with SHELDON Could you picuture Sheldon and Amy getting married? It would be a hoot. Plus for them to have a child. I would love to see Sheldon be a dad. That would be something.

  17. I think Sheldon and Amy need to have a oops pregnancy. It would be a blast to watch all that unfold with Sheldons character the way it is.Have 1 couple Penny and Leonard or Sheldon and Amy buy a home and the other couple have financial trouble so have to live together again..

  18. Amy and Sheldon live together. Penny and Leonard announce their pregnancy after Bernadette and Howard have a little girl. The baby girl will be a reminder of how big a pig Howard was to the ladies and no one will treat his little girl that way. Raj ends up choosing Emily. An unfortunate event causes Sheldon to become legal guardian of his twin sister’s kid who is a genius like his uncle Shelly.

  19. We were laughing out loud at the last episode (10/10) as we have since the begining. As long as they keep providing as with LOL experiences, they should continue.

  20. Most these type shows end when the actors start demanding higher and higher wages. Also actor always have a fear of being pigeon holed if they do the same role to long.

  21. Misleading headline, I don’t see any devastating news. I screencapped the headline and the site wouldn’t let me upload it even though it was a JPEG and under 5MB

  22. I would like to see this show go on for a couple more seasons. I know shows don’t stay on the air forever, but this still has some possibilites. Bernadette got pregnant…the same could happen to Penny. Raj could end up with some third woman besides Emily and Claire. Sheldon and Amy could get married. Bernadette could have twins. There are so many stories that can still be told about these characters.

  23. I absolutely love it. It has so many possibilities of new story lines. I am so sick of “reality” shows, there is nothing realistic about them. At least with Big Bang the equations and stuff are actually real. We laugh till our sides hurt and are learning at the same time. The characters are so fun. On the Clair or Emily front, I think Emily because she is always messing with Raj, she fits in.

  24. If you think the writing has not gone stale already, you missed the last two years. It was a good show in the beginning, but it’s time to move on. Better writers are needed all over hollywood, starting with BBT.

  25. Perhaps your question should be if you should keep the same writers for the show. I say absolutely. They are brilliant and that group in The Big Bang Theory have become like family to me. You don’t really want to take my family away do you?

  26. Life still goes on. Even though we grow up doesn’t mean our life ends. We just expand. Why cant BBT expand. The story can get better. With everyone living on the same block… Having families working at the same jobs raising families and experiencing life and what it has to offer. Friendship, heartache, love, family. Our world needs to have something that is light hearted and clean to tune into once a week and just enjoy. Something like a modern day Mayberry only portrayed thru a nerd’s eye. (which is a Wonderful thing)

  27. It needs to be allowed to go out to pasture gracefully. I watch it now more out of habit, it’s 20 mins of not having to think. Hard taking actors seriously who struggle to keep a straight face on scene. Complacency.

  28. Don’t keep going, end on a high note. The show is still good but it was funnier when they were not in relationships. Don’t be like “How I met your Mother” the last season was agonizing to watch lol

    • I want the show to keep going. I stopped watching “How I Met your Mother” looonnnggg before it ended! It got old really fast when they kept going with it. I watched a little towards the end, but I didn’t like the way they put most of the couples together. However, I love The Big Bang Theory, and always have. The only one I can’t stomach is the guy with the lisp. He is too much of a jerk for my taste. And too stupid acting.

  29. Keep it going so we can see the quirks the kids will have and how the parents adapt. Show Lenny and Shamy starting families. Yes let it go on for years. We love them like family and what a gray show compared to other crappie out there. Don’t stop writing! This could be so much more Epic. Make it the longest running show ever. Please don’t shut it down.

  30. Yeah keep it going’s the only funny show on tv now …i could watch 24/7 …don’t even think about stopping the show …it’s to damn funny…

    • you know they are paid that because the show is important enough to the network that it’s worth the cost right? I am glad they workers, who are indispensable, earn their share of the reward for the insane success the show has.

  31. come
    on it has to keep going you the baby coming does Howards Brother decide
    he wants to be a part of his and his babys life we want to know does
    Sheldon and Amy get married have kids or finally get that turtle and
    what does Raj wind up doing choosing between
    the 2 women or does a new love come in to his life that can be a wild
    card does Leonard and Penny have kids does Stewarts new store take off
    and turn his life around or does it bomb and he wind up living in it
    again because hes broke again does Sheldons mom and Leonards dad get
    together or married or whatever so many different things can happen
    there is so much more left for this show it would be crazy to cancel
    this show after 10th season.

  32. Keep the show going for as long as possible. It’s funny and a all around great show. And I choose Emily for Raj. They are good together.

  33. the show has been on for 10 years and it is a great show but it probably won’t be the actors to say they are done it will be the producers because of the amount they will have to pay out. I would love to see it be the longest running show on TV but the cost is going to be totally off the chart. Bless them all.

  34. I love the show, and I’d like it to continue, but it’s entirely up to the cast. By now they must be able to read each other’s minds by now….that could create trouble.

  35. If they put Sheldon with a homosexual I would definitely stop watching it! There is too much of that crap going on in the REAL world! Besides, I’m sure they won’t do that. He’s been too involved with Amy… (in his own “Sheldon” way. Lol.

  36. I thought Raj broke up with both those girls and met a custodian worker. Now he’s going back to Emily and Claire? I’m confused.

  37. Time to wind it up and stop while they are ahead. The story/plot lines are getting thinner and staler. Face it, it has lost its edge.