It seems like every time I type ‘the Big Bang Theory into Google, I get some article about the show coming to an end after season 10. Kaley Cuoco did say on Jimmy Kimmel that she felt that 10 seasons was enough. However, later on, she went on The Talk and said:

“We’re so in love with each other, and we still have so much fun, that I can safely say we want to be here as long as possible—we’re nowhere near done,” she said.

With all the conflicting articles and different opinions from the cast popping up, it is really hard to keep the story straight. I think the bottom line is that they don’t really know and we’ll just have to wait and see. However, it seems like the producers are leaving some hints that the show may be ending after the current season.

As the relationship of Penny and Leonard blossomed, they decided to renew their vows. Mostly for the sake of their families. With the arrival of Penny’s mother and brother, it was also Leonard’s first time to meet them.

Amy will finally move in with Sheldon, which is a dream-come-true for her. The same goes for the avid viewers who waited for their relationship to reach the next level. When Amy’s apartment becomes flooded, Sheldon has no choice but to give it a try and lessen his reservations for Amy.

Raj, however, has to decide between Emily and Claire. He has been dating both girls from previous episodes. A producer has hinted that he should choose between the two this season. As the season after this is not sure to happen yet.

Lastly, Howard and Bernadette are going through the motions of first-time parents, and are anxious to know baby’s gender. Things are really doing great for this couple as they will be having a vacation in Palm Springs.

It seems like the only real “hint” is that they are rushing for Raj to choose between Emily and Claire. But, there is one other thing that could be a hint. It seems as though everyone’s story lines are wrapping up during this season.

Now, it is true that the writers could think of ways to expand on the story. For example, we could watch the Walowitz baby grow up, follow the married lives of Shamy and Lenny, and we could follow the relationship of whoever Raj ends up with up. But the question is how long would we want it to go on?

The Walowitz baby plot line could keep the show going on for years. But would anyone be worried that the writing would go stale? Do you think any of these stories could work? Or do you think the show should end after this season? I’m sure reruns will be around for a while, and we have DVDs.

What’s your opinion? Do you want the writers to keep going? Also, are you Team Emily? Or Team Claire? I would really like to know our readers’ opinions of that love triangle.

Raj and Cinnamon Raj and Cinnamon

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