Fear The Walking Dead Shows New Mutant Walker

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

With the Season 3 Premiere, Fear the Walking Dead chose to not hold anything back. Not only did they kill off a major character, but they also introduced some things never before seen within The Walking Dead universe.

The premiere began when Troy Otto was trying to take charge by conducting some pretty twisted experiments on the other survivors. Some of these experiments were of necessity, like those in 28 Days Later but others were pretty insane.

It all came when we heard a thump from the wall.

Fear Reveals Insane, Mutant Zombie 

Fear The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Comic Book writes:

“After taking a closer look through an air vent, a pile of rats poured out onto the soldier. Once they cleared out, he peeped through the air vent once more in truly cliché horror movie fashion only to find an incredibly strong walker was waiting for him on the other side.”

“The walker pulled the soldier through the wall, shattering his spine and ripping his head off. It was unlike anything that has ever been seen before in the world of the Dead. This zombie was something different. It was strong enough to fold a man in half. It must be either the product of one of Troy’s experiments or a human who had been extremely muscular prior to the apocalypse and had recently turned.”

“Given the bunch of rats which were crowded inside the wall, it’s possible the walker had preserved its strength by having a constant food supply.”

Dan Sharman Talks Fear The Walking Dead Walker

Fear the Walking DeadImage Credit: AMC

Dan Sharman who plays Troy Otto spoke about the episode. “It’s not [a superhuman zombie] but I like where your head’s at. I’ve always been quite fascinated by the idea that at some point they change, and I think Troy is fascinated by every little minutiae of what causes this and wants to know why and wants to know how.”

“So there’s a point in it where he, later in the season, where he has documented and taken this down. He hasn’t been able to create anything yet, but you never know. You never know.”

What did you think of this new mutant zombie?

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