Sadie Robertson plans to be a pastor one day. And for good reason. She recently showed her preaching skills on the Winter Jam Tour.

Sadie Robertson (photo by @legitsadierob via instagram.com_ Although the video is grainy, her words are loud and clear. She’s on stage with a single spotlight showing on her, Bible in hand.

“When you stop praying for your situation to change and pray for your heart to change, you could be in the scariest situation life has to offer but have peace that surpasses all understanding,” she told the packed arena. “Because that’s when God meets you.”

She then told a compelling story about a time she met a man who struggled with fear as she did. As she talked with him, she realized he was a very smart person, but was full of anger. You see, he was born deaf. He said he was so mad at God because he couldn’t hear.

When he woke up from the surgery, he could hear. But when he heard himself speak, he realized he talked funny. This was not what he wanted.

Sadie asked how she could help him.

“Every day I live in fear,” he told her. “I live in fear about what people are thinking about me, what they’re saying about me. And with that, I can’t even live a normal life.”

But, Sadie says, he had a surgery that he expected to be life-changing. And it was, but for unexpected reasons. 

Sadie Robertson killing it on stage (source: Twitter)

“What is it that you’re so afraid of?” Sadie asked.

“My speech is my weakness,” he replied.

Sadie said that’s when she realized — God takes what we think are weaknesses and makes them our strengths. When we’re weak, he is strong. 

Certainly, a life-altering mindset.

Watch the whole clip below:

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