Mayim Bialik Hints She’ll Be Back For Big Bang, Despite Vocal Rest


Mayim Bialik recently emailed in an interview with Fox news. The Big Bang Theory actress isn’t able to speak right now due to vocal rest, but that didn’t stop her from talking about Amy and Sheldon’s big moment to the press.

Mayim Was Shocked By Sheldon’s Proposal

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Just like Amy, Mayim Bialik was shocked by Sheldon’s proposal in the season finale of TBBT. The tenth season of the series ended with Sheldon Cooper on one knee and left fans waiting all summer to see what Amy’s response will be.

Mayim was apparently left out of the dark until the very last minute. She admitted, “I literally had no idea this proposal from Sheldon was coming. Like: none.” Mayim was communicating via email with Fox news. Recently she had been ordered to an entire month of vocal rest by ear, nose, and throat doctors, who were worried about her permanent vocal chord damage.

Mayim told fans, “I can’t speak for a month. Yup.” However, that hasn’t stopped her from being quite active online. Mayim is still posting regular Youtube videos, Instagram photos, and apparently even news cast interviews.

The good news is Mayim’s interview with Fox left us feeling solid about her return to the show. The actress alluded that she’ll be back playing Amy, no matter what happens with her voice. 

Mayim Doesn’t Know What Amy Will Say

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Mayim said she has no idea what Amy will say to Sheldon; “If you want me to tell you what happens in the season opener of Season 11… I can’t, because I don’t know…You guess is as good as mine!” Mayim also admitted she, like her many fans, has her own vision of how Amy might react. She said, “I could see this playing out several ways… But that’s not my job right now. My job is to wait through the summer to see what our writers decide!”

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