Mountain Man showed up on Duck Dynasty only every once and a while. So you may be shocked by his huge net worth.

Source Credit: Every time he’s on screen, his humble and jolly characteristics shine through. He’s got some pretty hilarious one-liners and everyone seems to love him.

His real name is Tim Guraedy, and he’s a radio talk show host and an air conditioning repair main by day. Although his given name was never spoken throughout the entire series. He is neither a Robertson nor involved in the Robertson’s business, Duck Commander. He was the only semi-regular on the show that wasn’t one of those two things.

He’s got a pretty big cult following too. But he says he’s not swept away by the fame.

“I started a little too late in life to ever be excited (about the fame),” he told Fox News. “But as I go through everyday life like going to Walmart, a trip that should only take twenty minutes, can turn into two hours.”

One thing that pads his overall net worth is his book, Mountain Man: Keeping a Slow Profile. It’s a how-to book for living a lifestyle of slowness and introspection. It’s all about how to love life, to “stop and smell the roses,” as they say.

On the book’s website, it claims to be “a way to gain uniqueness, bring humor into everyday life, keep your faith first, take time for others, be quiet to catch the squirrel, stay positive when life is hard, leave a clean trail, and much more.”

It seems it was just in the right place at the right time, and now he’s a…

Mountain Man Millionaire 

So between his book, his radio show, and Duck Dynasty, Mountain Man aka Tim Guraedy has a net worth of a whopping $1 million.


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