Bernadette’s Relatable Mommy Moments

howard-wolowitz-berandette-rostenkowski-simon-helberg-melissa-rauch-the-big-bang-theory-2017.jpgphoto by Bernadette is a new mother, and Big Bang Theory is handling the emotions of this stage of life perfectly. Instead of showing all happiness and bliss, the TBBT writers are showcasing the ups and downs of early parenting.

Here are Bernadette’s most relatable Mommy moments yet.

When She Didn’t Want To Go Back To Work

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This Big Bang Theory episode showed Bernadette struggling with the prospect of going back to work. Bernie confided to Stuart, “You know I’ll miss Halley but it’ll be nice to get out of the house, intellectually stimulated. Go out to lunch instead of you know…be lunch.”

Bernadette inevitably decided she would miss Halley a lot and was apprehensive about returning.

Howard was helpful. After Bernadette finally confided in him he assured her that if she was unhappy with the decision they could always change their minds. Plus, Bernadette is setting a great example for Halley as a successful career woman.

Target Is The Main Event

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What new mother doesn’t love Target. It’s a necessary evil, they have everything you need and a lot of what you don’t need. In last week’s new Big Bang Theory, Leonard tagged along while Bernadette and Howard went to Target for diapers. Bernadette said, “Well if your idea of fun is riding in a minivan to Target to get Diapers, things are about to get nuts.” Moms know the sheer madness of having to buy thousands of diapers. Don’t worry Bernadette, some day Halley will go to the bathroom all on her own.

When She Felt Like A Bad Mom

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In the 12th episode of Season 10, Bernadette struggles with bringing Halley home from the hospital. It seems Halley is fussy and easily startled. Bernadette has a hard time calming her down. In a fit of exhaustion, she bawls saying, “I’m a bad mother!”

Moms know this feeling. Sometimes you just don’t know what your baby wants and it can feel totally defeating. Don’t worry Bernadette, it will get better so soon. As long is you’re doing your best, you’re a great mother.

What’s your favorite Bernadette relatable Mommy moment so far?

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