Was That A Beauty and The Beast Easter Egg On The New Big Bang Theory Episode?


Beauty and The Beast on This Week’s TBBT Episode

It seems Beauty and The Beast is everywhere this week. Since it’s March 17th release, the film seems to be popping up all over the place- EVEN in this week’s TBBT episode. So where did this little Disney Easter egg show up? Right at the men’s lunch table.

Beauty and The Beast‘s Success

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The new live action film has already grossed nearly 700 million dollars worldwide. We’d say it’s safe to say it’s a box office success. It’s also the number one movie in 2017 so far. The new film has already surpassed the earnings of Disney’s big hit Zootopia, and is only just beginning its run in theaters. Audiences are flocking to see this new adaptation of a timeless classic.

BATB On the Internet

The film’s major success can also be contributed to the crazy press coverage it’s getting. Besides the traditional commercials, trailers, and press tour appearances by Emma Watson and gang, the internet is bursting with Beauty and the Beast content.

James Corden recently gave a serious tribute to the film in this hilarious viral video. Youtubers are creating covers of the hit song Tale As Old As Time. Pinterest boards are filling up with how-tos about Belle’s makeup, Chip inspired crafts, and Beast costumes. It seems people everywhere are going crazy for BATB- including the writers of TBBT.

TBBT Easter Egg

This week’s TBBT featured a tiny nod to the film. Sheldon sat down with his friends at lunch in the Cal Tech cafeteria, and made an observation of his spoon. Howard came back with a Beauty and the Beast themed insult. It went something like this:

Sheldon: Gentlemen, the most interesting thing just happened with this spoon.

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Howard: Unless it was singing Be Our Guest, I doubt it.

There you have it, TBBT buying into the Beauty and the Beast hype. Mentioning a major hit from the movie can’t possibly be a coincidence. Especially since the joke was in this week’s TBBT episode, right after the movie release. Now the only question is did Disney pay for this to be written in, or were the TBBT writers simply joining in on the hype?

Did you notice the TBBT easter egg in this week’s TBBT episode?

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