It’s always a special night when Phil Robertson gives a sermon. Well, at his home church, White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ, people got a special night.

photo via Western Journalism It was a diverse night in West Monroe, and Phil pointed this out.

“I will say this was like a cross section of humanity,” Phil said.

His sermon that night was on Neither God Nor Truth is Dead. Unity — that was his message. And he said we as a nation need to “come together.”

“The population is here and it is high time we come together as the human race before God,” he said.

And Phil was thrilled to see faces with all colors, from different places and backgrounds. He was happy to see people in that church building looking for a crack of light.

“I saw guys that have come out of some pretty tough backgrounds, and they said that’s enough for me,” Phil said. “I’m grateful and thankful to see those guys repent to God and happy for them.”

Some of the folks there even came from the far away country of Bulgaria.

“We met Phil a few years ago and the way he preaches the gospel right to the core the very meaning of Christianity and what Jesus did for us. people are listening to his messages all over the world,” said Bulgarian Hristo Hristov.

source: Humboldt Republican Women

To put this excitement of diversity into action, the church hosted a free fish fry, inviting people to stay after church and bond with each other.

“We are just regular people here it’s nothing grand, great going on here,” said Pastor Matt Owens. “We just love Jesus and tell people the bible that’s what we try to do and stand for; and if you love people then you should feed them and help them too.”

And that’s what Phil was encouraging that night — love and nourishment.

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