Accused of sexual assault and harassment, Donald Trump believes he is a victim of attempted character assignation. He says,

“As you have seen, I am a victim of one of the great political smear campaigns in the history of our country.  They are coming after me to try and destroy what is considered by even them the greatest movement in the history of our country.”

Defending Himself

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Trump believes that all of this is “false stuff” and the media has a “concerted effort” to destroy his campaign.  They have gotten so deep under his skin that he is no longer listening to his advisers about focusing on economic issues.

He explained, “My people always say, ‘Don’t talk about it, talk about jobs, talk about the economy.’  But I feel I have to talk about it because you have to dispute when somebody says something.”  However, if you think about it, diversion is how Hillary Clinton’s gets away with so much. 

Maybe he should do the same.  

During two of his rallies, Trump defended himself about kissing and groping women without their consent.  These were things he bragged about in a 2005 tape when he said it was “locker room talk.”  He said, “If 5% of the people think it’s true — and maybe 10% — we don’t win.”

Two women came forward before Trump defended himself.  They say that Trump groped them without giving him permission to do so.  One of them was an “Apprentice” contestant, Summer Zervos. 

People magazine even featured a story of an allegation that Trump kissed a woman without her consent in 2005 during an interview at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.  To that, he said, “I think maybe what we should do, boycott that issue of People Magazine.”  

“Character Assassination” by Clinton

To Clinton who he believes is participating in “character assassination,” he said,

“And her specialty, if you look over the years, has been character assassination and really personally just going after people. That’s her specialty.  She’s been doing it her whole career. The only force strong enough to smash Clinton’s corrupt criminal syndicate is you, the American voter, November 8th.”

In Greensboro, he argued, “The whole thing is one big fix. It’s one big fix…One big ugly lie. One big fix. The press can’t write the kind of things they write, which are lies, lies, lies.  The only thing I said is hopefully our patriotic movement will overcome this terrible deception.”

One woman named Jessica Leads accused him of groping her on a plane in the 80’s. To that he said, “When you looked at that horrible woman last night, you said, ‘I don’t think so! I don’t think so!’”

The fact of the matter is that these allegations could be made against any man. And America would easily believe it.  This is the trouble for the Trump campaign.  And the focus needs to be on how he will overcome it. 

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