A&E May Disassociate Themselves From Duck Dynasty Entirely.. Maybe No More Re-Runs?!


Early Seasons of Duck DynastyJust this week A&E began its replays of Duck Dynasty, starting from season 1 and moving on to 2.

The cancellation of the show after 10 seasons, is the sudden reason for the replays being aired. A&E has not claimed as to why they are making this decision. According to many viewers, media channels and critics, the cancellation is on horizon because of Uncle Phil’s political views on topics like religion and sexuality.

They may not even play replays ever again on A&E. It’s a possibility. 

If the reason A&E decided to cancel the show rests on Phil Robertson’s political views, why would they allow the replays to air and encourage them to watch them?

That doesn’t sound like it makes much sense because support is support regardless of whether or not they’re new episodes or older episodes filmed years ago.

This brings to light as well the freedom of religious belief in this country. Are people going to start being reprimanded and punished in their line of work for holding specific political beliefs and religious beliefs? Isn’t that a form of discrimination and aren’t there laws put in place to protect people from that type of thing happening.

Religious and political freedom are part of what makes this country great.

If a man who is well respected by many isn’t allowed to voice his beliefs, instead being punished for them when others are openly burning the flag in public, what’s this country coming to? People oftentimes point the fingers at others like Phil Robertson, forgetting that when you point the finger you have three more pointing back at you.

Duck Dynasty Early EpisodesIn any case, it seems unfair that A&E would continue to air past seasons and episodes of Duck Dynasty if they have actually cancelled the show because of Phil’s beliefs. It’s a bit of a two faced move and make me wonder about the network altogether. But then again, these are just gossip speculations from the internet and A&E has still yet to release or disclose any information as to why they might disassociate themselves from the show in the first place.

The entire cast of Duck Dynasty can be seen all over the news and the media.

Phil has begun staring in Christian films, Willie has been on a campaign across America in support of Donald Trump and Sadie is involved in her own Philanthropic ventures, preparing for nationwide tour starting this month on the 22nd of September. As for uncle Si, no word has been heard from him, although I suspect he’s doing just fine down in the fine state of Louisiana. For more information on the family’s future, check here often for updates. And make sure to like, share and comment below with your thoughts on the matter.

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  • Sharron Jones

    You’ve had a good run. Praise God for that. I enjoy the shows being played from beginning to end. Maybe its time for your adventures to lead you elsewhere, even though I will miss new episodes. Good luck on your new endeavors. I love Duck Dynasty, but the popularity has caused Phil and Kay to be so cautious that they can no longer meet people and witness to them on a personal level the way they did years ago. I know that is true because me, my husband, and my son spent a week down there and we tried to meet the family and get autographs for my son’s sixteenth birthday, but the family was so tired they didn’t have time for us. It’s a shame really. It’s the fans buying your products and watching your shows that got you where you are. But you don’t have time for us because you are working so hard to keep it all going. Maybe this will give you more time to focus on other areas of your ministry and hunting accessories. Good luck and God bless.

  • gson1192

    Because it’s time. Not for any political or religious reason…. but because the show has run it’s course and like all good shows, the time has come to put it to rest. I can think of several great shows that have been cancelled this year that were awesome!! Rizzoli and Isles for one….. Castle for another. When they’re done, they’re done. Moving on……………….

  • Medicinehorse

    I would imagine that they are worn out and are now pursuing different things , some of which are related to the show . Gotta remember that they have a serious business that started out with Phill’s game calls and has blossomed out to include a whole line of hunting gear .Most important to them is their Christian faith and being able to devote proper time for those activities . With Willie devoting so much time to the Trump campaign he is devoted to save this country he loves from the Clintons that are just concerned with making money by selling out our country for what ever they can get.

  • Don Burgess

    your people with Christian faith some people don’t like that a lot of us do & like a show with good Morals they take what I say good Morals out of the schools , not respect our Flag Burned Down a Church in our town last wk we have to stand up for what we believe in it well get worst when people like the Robinsons our told what to do & what not to do I stand for what your made of & watch your show no matter were you go Bless you All .

    • Doris Whitaker


  • Stephanie Ferguson Bell

    If we take away everything that someone doesn’t like, then we should shut down the entire system of television networks. That would probably save the government a lot of money.

  • Yvonne Williams

    This is just so stupid. This Country has gone DOWN HILL ever since Obama went into office 8 years ago. We don’t have freedom of anything anymore. If Hillary Clinton gets into office, we are ALL SCREWED

  • Doris Whitaker


  • jim375

    If they do this i will never watch another show on A&E

  • Barbara Floyd Letourneau

    If you have conservative beliefs, you are not tolerated in the media or movie industry. Weird how people who preach inclusion, freedom of speech, tolerance, etc. can’t see the irony in this.

  • Shannon

    Ten seasons is a pretty long run. It’s possible they just canceled it because its time

  • JUDY

    No, it’s because you are a deplorable. Don’t sweat it we’ll write you a new show that will knock the socks off the other shows.

  • Wendell Strait

    If anyone actually watches the show. They made a decision as a family not to do the show anymore. A&E did not cancel them. Now not to say they won’t show any reruns but A&E is not the reason that the show is ending. This page is full of crap.

  • Jean

    If the Roberson Clan has chosen to end the show, I say God bless them. If it was a cancellation because of their belief system, I say shame on A&E. If at all possible, please continue this show…it’s a show that encourages faith, hope, and the love of Jesus Christ. I don’t want to say goodbye!

  • candy

    I love this show,what are that thinking?

  • Roger C

    Again? A&E will lose once again. They tried to get rid of Phil and no one would work without him. The letters need to start again.

  • Rick Lackey

    Why do people jump to conclusions? I, nor anyone else knows the real reason the show was canceled! People, YOU are the problem, letting others opinions guide you in your decisions before checking the facts. Now, if I said I was against the show, I’d be pegged on here as anti something or another. If I said I supported them, I’d get the same from those who disagree! Its a no win situation either way. I see comments that the family decided not to continue the show after 10 seasons, and I see comments from those who are making it a religious or political thing! Grow up people and seek the truth and let it be, just let it be! SMDH

  • Uncle Ruckus

    BUH BYE!!!!

  • charlesmartin

    Their Christian values and down to earth personalities are what people love ! People that don’t like them see something in themselves and it scares people to think there is a God and that good deeds and works are still part of our civilization. To God be the glory !

  • Peggy Roberts Way

    Regardless of the reason for the cancellation , this is the ONLY show I watch on A&E . There used to be quite a bit of entertaining shows on there but it’s dwindled down to just Duck Dynasty , now it’s going to be gone . So goodbye A&E !

  • Sreeves

    Everyone is allowed their opinions, freedom of speech is granted to ALL US citizens. We don’t always like what people say think but they have the right to their opinions.

  • Kay Davis

    I don’t like all the things Trump is doing but love the Robertsons and their belief in Jesus Christ. I am hoping another network picks them up and that these issues never come up again.

  • Joe Campbell

    My thoughts are not limited or filtered never have been never will be I don’t have a man bun except the one I was born with it’s America folks land of the free home of the brave not America home of the offended and silence

  • vickir1kingskid

    Why are you posting something like this? A&E did NOT cancel Duck Dynasty! The Robertson family got together and decided that this would be their last year. IF I am not mistaken, the runoff show of Jep and his family will still be on along with the one Sy is doing or at least was doing. Haven’t heard anything about it lately. While I do feel that many on the left would like nothing more than to silence Christians, this article is not correct. A&E had nothing to do with them not returning after this year.It is a shame because not much else that is offered on this channel is good or something a Christian would want to watch. A&E and TLC use to be good family channels. I loved Trading Spaces and shows like that. They need to go back to shows like that instead of some of the garbage they have now.But at any rate, A&E did NOT cancel Duck Dynasty! For the record!

  • Anonymous

    God’s Amazing Grace! Don’t let Hollyweirdos make your spiritual choices! Blessings we love you

  • Anonymous

    The Robertson families show a great deal of love for God, family, and mankind. Too many people can’t understand why the show was such a successful reality show. Sad

  • Dennis fahnestock sr.

    Go to another station and run your shows and let a&e go under

  • Lee Bordeaux

    It might be that viewers like Phil’s politics. Maybe that’s why it was successful.

  • Linda McDowell

    Stay strong. Sick of people taking away the rights of all Christians

  • Brenda Osborne

    If will always support the Robertsons. If A&E stops then I’ll stop watching A&E!

  • Lori Curtis

    Why dont A&E just leave them alone. There is so much mess going on and I will always back the Robertsons.

  • Joy Hefley Alexander

    Seriously? Align yourselves with the evil in this world A&E go ahead….these are great people and who are you to say they should go when in reality they have made you really good money so lets just toss them away like yesterday’s news paper….I will never watch your programming again if this is done and I will begin a petition for all of my friends to vow never to watch A&E ever again…..

  • Fred Hooter

    Oh A&E need to take a flying leap at a rolling donut then have a coke and a smile…followed by a salt tablet to calm down….then maybe they cah get over themselves…..

  • Anita Wilson

    Maybe they are not making enough money to air another session or viewers have dropped down. If everyone who loves Duck dynasty email or leave comments about bringing the show back it will happen. I love the show and the Robertson and family and friends. Just complain to the people in charge for canceling.

  • Jerry Hatfield

    Maybe people are just tired of non-conformist freaks scowling and preaching at them

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