Howard & Bernadette’s First Date


As Leonard, Penny, and Howard head out on their double date, Howard nervously quizzes Penny about his blind date, aka “the future mother of hid children”. (He’s right!) Penny assures him that her friend is adorable. Howard asks Penny how she described him to her friend: namely, any mention about his low body fat. Penny had told her friend that Howard is an aerospace engineer, is fluent in 5 languages.

Howard awkwardly tries to make small talk in the car with Penny’s friend, Bernadette. She is working at the Cheesecake Factory in order to pay off her tuition at grad school, majoring in microbiology. She doesn’t understand his jokes and she doesn’t share any of Howard’s interests in science-fiction, role-playing games (fantasy (Dungeons and Dragons) or bedroom), or magic. Leonard gloomily predicts that it is “going to be a long, long night”.

At dinner, Howard continues to try and find common ground with Bernadette (she even doesn’t like puppies!), while Leonard and Penny quietly lament how long the night is going to be (Leonard even comments on how being around them slows down time more than approaching the speed of light, much to Penny’s amusement). Howard’s mother calls and leaves a message on his phone. Bernadette is sympathetic because her mother drives her crazy as well. They start sharing stories about how bad their mothers are, such as their mothers continuously calls them on the phone about trivial things; Howard’s mother made him wear rubber gloves to kindergarten for fear of catching diseases; Bernadette’s mother still lays out her clothes and “wouldn’t let [her] ride a bicycle because she thought [Bernadette would] hit a bump and lose [her] virginity.” Bernadette freely discloses that she lost her virginity in a Toyota Camry, while Howard admits that he lost his virginity in a Toyota Corolla (to his second cousin). This shared revelation helps Howard and Bernadette warm up to each other. Howard then invites her to meet his mother for Shabazz dinner at home: “A Catholic girl like you, wearing a big cross like that, it might give my mother the big brain aneurysm I’ve been hoping for.” Bernadette cheerfully agrees, with the proviso that Howard has to come to her family’s Sunday dinner, wearing a yarmulke. Penny is happy that she is great at matchmaking.