Tony Moore And Robert Kirkman Work Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics Back in 2003, when Tony Moore was originally attached to Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, the comic was just beginning. Moore left the comic before Issue 100 came out where Glenn was murdered.

Moore, the original artist for the comic just took to Instagram to show his own version of Glenn Rhee’s death by the hands of Negan. He kept the brutal eye-popping image but put his own spin on it.

The skull looked similar to Adlard’s art on the printed page as well.

Moore Sells His Version Of Glenn’s Death

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

Comic Book writes:

“Moore worked on The Walking Dead starting from its first issue. Adlard took over as the main artist on Issue #7, but Moore continued the cover art through issue #24. Moore is selling his work, which is drawn on a black variant cover of The Walking Dead Issue #150 at Boston Comic Con according to the caption of his Instagram photo.”

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Iconic Season 7 Deaths On TWD

Walking Dead | Photo Credit Business Insider

Glenn’s death is one of the most iconic deaths in the series. For the AMC version, many fans stopped watching the show either because they felt it too brutal for television or they were just too upset to see Glenn Rhee bite the dust.

Moments before Glenn died, Abraham took one to the head as well. Season 7 then showed other brutal deaths such as Olivia, Spencer, Benjamin, Richard, and eventually Sasha, who took her own life in the end.

What death from Season 7 was the most memorable for you?

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