‘Jimmy Frank’ is a name that probably doesn’t ring any bells for you… 

Duck Dynasty deathJimmy Frank is a little-known Robertson that passed away relatively recently (source: Western Journalism)

Jimmy Frank was a part of the Duck Dynasty family, and he died in 2014 — at the age of 78.

Here’s why thousands of Duck fans are holding up signs in his name… and why you shouldn’t forget his name so quickly. 

Frank was Phil and Si Robertson’s brother. He also wrote a book about Phil, “The Legend of the Duck Commander: The Life and Times of Phil Robertson.”

After Jimmy Frank passed, Phil Robertson announced the tragic news on his Facebook page, asking for prayer.

“Please pray for Connie his wife, their sons & families,” he wrote. “It’s tough to lose such a wonderful man so quickly, he had a heart attack. It will be hard on them this week & for a long time after the funeral. Pray for strength for all of them.”

Duck Dynasty deathJimm Frank’s book about his brother Phil, “The Legend of the Duck Commander” (source: Amazon)

Duck Dynasty fans sent an overwhelming amount of support to the Robertsons.

“Grieve a period as all we must,” wrote one fan. “But those who pass in the LORD are not lost to us….rather only separated for a time that we may anticipate and affirm all the more that sweet and eternal reunion.”

“Lord bless the Robertson family in their time of sorrow,” said one of the commenters. “Be with each of them as they deal with the death of a beloved brother. Amen.”

“The Lord our Savior wrap your family in his comforting arms and give you peace,” wrote another fan. “I’m so sorry for your loss.”

Jimmy Frank (aka James F. Robertson) was just one of seven children. As a Christian and veteran journalist, he had written several books in his 50-plus years of experienced. He said he “most enjoyed” writing the book about his brother, saying it was a great experience.

Duck Dynasty deathJimmy Frank with his wife, Connie (source: Belle News)

“I hope his Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty fans enjoy it,” he said. “It is the original story of Phil’s upbringing and the way of life that shaped this unique individual and made him the legend he is today. It’s about a reactionary father who taught him he could live off the land, his struggles as a young man to reconcile what the really wanted to do with his life and the steadfast love of his wife Ms. Kay who saw him through his turbulent years.”

Jimmy Frank then explained what type of person that made his younger brother.

“The culmination is in the invention of a duck caller that has made him wealthy and the love of God that led to his present way of life.”

James Frank Robertson died of a heart attack at the age of 78.

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