Kaley Cuoco was there, and now The Big Bang Theory’s own Kunal Nayyar stopped by The Talk on Wednesday to chat about his new animated movie. Trolls, based on the famous Danish dolls created by Thomas Dam in 1959.


In the film, Kunal voices the troll named Guy Diamond, which the actor describes as “the resident naked troll.” Adding, “he farts glitter, and he speaks in Auto-Tune. So, yeah, I can add that to my résumé.” Wow, that’s an odd character. How did Guy Diamond get passed the censors? Is he really naked?

Raj’s Love Life

Meanwhile, Kunal talked a bit about his personal life, noting that next month marks his fifth wedding anniversary with his wife. However, his Big Bang Theory character, Raj, is still happily playing the field. When asked if he hopes Raj finds “the one” this season, Kunal replied, “I enjoy being single, to be honest. You know, it’s really fun to sort of live my life vicariously through my character, since I’m married now. [Laughs]”

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Kidding aside, Kunal teased an upcoming episode where Raj falls in love with the cleaning lady at the university. Really? That sounds interesting.

“I think that’s a really cool dichotomy for someone who grew up in India, with servants, to fall in love,” he said, “so it’s a really beautiful way the writers have scripted the story. It’s nice to explore different sides of this character, romantically.”


I don’t know about you guys, but I am very excited for that Raj centered episode. I feel Raj has gotten enough love this season, so far but that all might be about to change.

This could be bad news for Claire and/or Emily fans, though. Of course, there are some fans out there that dislike both of these ladies with Raj and want him with a new character. So, it is good news for them. Only time will tell if the fans approve of her.

Personally, I liked Emily. I know Emily and Raj have two very different personalities, but I think there was something there, once they got past the money thing. She may be creepy, but they had chemistry.

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However, if the new woman in Raj’s life is better suited for him, I would be more than willing to see that succeed. More so, because of the money thing. That was messed up. You can care about someone a lot like Raj obviously cared for Emily, but sometimes it still doesn’t work.

In other Kunal Nayyar related news, are any of you interested in seeing Trolls? I never really cared much for the toys, so I may sit this one out. Though, it does still sound interesting enough. Maybe the writers did something cool with the story line and designs.

So, tell us in the comments section below if you are going to see Trolls or not. Also, what girl are you rooting for in Raj’s life? Are you team Emily, team Claire, or team New Girl? Some of you may be rooting for the dog. Ha ha.

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