Bernadette and Howard’s Relationship

Image result for bernadette and howard baby namephoto by This new TBBT episode gave us a glimpse into Bernadette and Howard’s relationship as new parents. While their appearances on the show were brief, we sense some tension between the two of them. It left us wondering, will Bernadette and Howard last? Let’s discuss.

Solid Start

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Bernadette and Howard had a pretty solid start to their relationship. They met through Penny as part of the “girlfriend pact,” Leonard and Howard had made. They bonded over their mutual overbearing mothers and wild stories of childhood. Howard also won Bernadette’s affection with his creative musical talents. 

Something’s Missing

Throughout their relationship, Bernadette and Howard shared ups and downs. Of course, there was the whole World of Warcraft porn incident near the early stages of their relationship. Bernadette has demonstrated that she is a kind and understanding woman time and time again. We’ve also seen them overcome unconventional roles, as Bernadette has been the main bread winner in the relationship. It had always seemed that there was nothing that could keep these two apart for long.

Baby Makes Three

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Now that Halley has been born we’ve seen less and less of Bernadette and Howard on TBBT. It seems like most of the plot lines have surrounded Sheldon and Amy’s new living situation, or Raj’s finances. Perhaps this is because CBS did not want to hire a child actor to depict Halley.

Of course, there have been a few adorable scenes of Howard doting upon both mom and baby, many of the jokes have been about the stressful beginnings of parenthood.

Heated Jokes

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In this TBBT episode in particular, Bernadette made some pretty telling jokes. She implied that the only excitement in her life these days is driving to Target for diapers, and that she doesn’t exactly like going to all of the comic-book and nerdy conventions with Howard. Is Bernadette feeling burnt out?

They’ll Work It Out

We really think they’ll work it out. The stress on young parents is astronomical. Eventually they’ll find their rhythm. We also can’t imagine that CBS would break up such an iconic couple.

What do you think is in store for Bernadette and Howard?

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