When you have a valuable player like Messi playing for your club, having to offer a new contact almost every year shouldn’t come as a surprise. We already know that Messi plays football because of his passion, but that doesn’t mean he would do it for free.

A lot of clubs are willing to offer him a bigger salary – and bonuses. But his goal is to finish his career at Barcelona. He’s already the biggest earner at the club, and Barcelona is working on offering him a new deal.

But there is a little twist with the contact he’s about to sign.

Messi wants a release clause in his new contract. Don’t get the idea that he wants to leave the club in one or two years.  But he has a wish is to spend his last year of football playing for Newell’s Old Boys.

That’s where it all started for him. Besides Barcelona, his first club has offered to give him the chance to pursue his dreams of ending his career as a football player there. Every Messi’s major success is related to Barcelona, but the Newell’s Old Boys is where he spent his childhood.

Adding a release clause won’t make any difference. It will probably stipulate 200+ million, and very few clubs could actually afford him. But even if a club is ready to pay his clause, he still has to agree to leave Barcelona for a different club.

And he already said that he likes to retire at Barcelona.

Messi on his retirement from the national squad

Messi already had a retiring experience in his career. He retired from the national squad after disappointing results. By disappointing results, we mean the lack of luck to win on penalties against Chile in the Copa America final.

“This is it. This is my decision. I fought hard. I did everything I could to win. But the truth is this is it. It’s already been four finals. I was already thinking about it. I did everything I could. It was not possible to win.” – Messi.

Messi on losing the Copa America against Chile.

“It ended again, the same way with penalties. This is, unfortunately, that’s the way it is. This is it,” he continued.

“We knew it was going to be a very hard fought match, especially in the midfield.

“Around there, we didn’t have possession and when he got the ball we couldn’t counter-attack. Unfortunately, we tried but lost again.”

But Barcelona is a different story. There’s no lack of titles, or personal awards. Which means Messi will be playing for Barcelona till he’s unable to contribute.

But as soon as he hits 36+, he could spend a year at his first club and officially retire from football. The day Messi retires from football will be a sad day, and not just for Barcelona fans. However, maybe he will continue his football career as a coach?

We would love to see him leading Barcelona to even more titles and success as coach.

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