This Is What Makes Lionel Messi The God Of Football

First of all, let’s talk about the history of football Gods. Not long ago, Ronaldinho and Zidane were the players who ruled the world of football.

They both were amazing. They both had skills and their own style, and they both won a golden ball award.

Ronaldinho was the King of Barcelona, and Zidane was the King of R.Madrid and Juventus.

They both won the Champions League title and the World Cup title as well.

That’s exactly why these two players will be remembered in the history of football as one of the greatest.

Before Ronaldinho and Zidane, we had players like Platini, Maradona, Beckenbauer and Pele. They were exceptional too.

We’ve all seen Maradona’s goal VS England, even if we never watched him play on TV or live:

He single handedly destroyed the whole English team. This amazing goal helped Argentina with securing the World Cup title, and Maradona was hailed as a hero in his own country.

Pele on the other hand is the only player to have won three World Cup titles. Brazil was once a dominant side in football, and Pele was the best player in the world.

That’s the only thing Messi is missing in his career. Winning a title with his national team would make Messi the happiest man in the world.

He was close in the last World Cup, but Mario Gotze crushed his dream. Every Messi fan was disappointed not to see the best player in the world lifting the WP trophy.

Nevertheless, Messi is still considered as one of the best football player of all time.

Even Rooney thinks Messi is the best ever.

But Rooney is not alone when it comes to hailing Messi as one of the greatest. Coaches and players have a lot to say when it comes to Messi and his magical way of playing:

“For me, to watch Messi play is a pleasure – it’s like having an orgasm – it’s an incredible pleasure.” – Luis Figo

“Messi is the best in the world without any doubt and for me the history of football,” Luis Enrique.

“Once they said they can only stop me with a pistol. Today you need a machine gun to stop Messi.” – Hristo Stoichkov

“Messi or Ronaldo best player in the world? In the world, I would say Ronaldo. Messi is from another planet.” – Turkish international Arda Turan

“Messi is God, as a person and even more as a player. I knew him when he was a boy and I’ve watched him grow. He deserves it all.” – Samuel Eto’o

“Although he may not be human, it’s good that Messi still thinks he is.” – Javier Mascherano

“They tell me that all men are equal in God’s eyes, this player makes you seriously think about those words.” – Football commentator Ray Hudson

“Newton and Einstein had a certain level of autism – I hope that, like them, Messi surpasses himself every day and continues to give us his beautiful brand of football.” – Romario

“Messi is the Mozart of football.” – Radomir Antic

Quotes Source: Yahoo

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