Luis Suarez and the Best 10 Goals He’s Scored


We can easily describe the best striker in the world with only one word – predator.

The Uruguayan goal scoring machine is making difficult things look easy.  He scores goals with ease.

Haters will say he’s fortunate enough to play alongside great players like Messi, Iniesta and Neymar. But Barca wasn’t going to gamble with €82.3 million.

Suarez made his mark with Ajax and Liverpool. Big clubs took notice, but Barcelona was his chosen destination.  And that’s because he wanted to win titles. There’s no better place to be than in Barcelona, if you like to win titles.

The incident with Chiellini was a huge mistake. People questioned if he could continue with his usual scoring after taking a 6-month break. But he did it.

And since then, Luis Suarez is without a doubt the best striker in the world.

“It is difficult to compare him to all the ones [goalscorers] I have played alongside,” Messi told FIFA.”

“There have been so many. What I can say is that he is the best out-and-out forward there is in the game today.”

“He has so much to offer the team and it is a pleasure to play alongside him. We also have a very good relationship off the pitch and I am very happy to be sharing everything with him.”

No one would expect Messi to criticize his teammate. But to confirm the statement from his friend and colleague, Suarez has the stats on his side.

Top scorer in the Premier League 2013-14 season, and top scorer in the Spanish League season 2015-2016. The English and the Spanish leagues are the best two in the world. Which means Suarez competes with world class players, and against world class defenders.

Just to show how competitive the Spanish league is, we would like to present few stats from the past:


  • 2005–06: Samuel Eto’o (Barcelona & Cameroon) 26 goals from 34 games
  • 2006–07: Ruud van Nistelrooy (Real Madrid & Netherlands) 25 goals from 37games
  • 2007–08: Daniel Güiza (Real Mallorca & Spain) 27 goals from 37 games
  • 2008–09: Diego Forlán (Atletico Madrid & Uruguay) 32 goals from 33 games
  • 2009–10: Lionel Messi (Barcelona & Argentina) 34 goals from 35 games
  • 2010–11: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid & Portugal) 40 goals from 34 games
  • 2011–12: Lionel Messi (Barcelona & Argentina) 50 goals from 37 games
  • 2012–13: Lionel Messi (Barcelona & Argentina) 46 goals from 32 games
  • 2013–14: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid & Portugal) 31 goals from 30 games
  • 2014–15: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid & Portugal) 48 goals from 35 games
  • 2015-16: Luis Suarez (Barcelona & Uruguay) 40 goals from 35 games

Suarez was the striker that managed to end Messi and Ronaldo’s dominance of Spain’s scoring charts.

And Suarez isn’t your typical scorer. He has the ability to score solo goals, as well as volleys and long shots.

To put it simple, almost every goal he scored is magnificent.

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