The Rock And Jimmy Talk Politics

The Rock | Photo Credit GQ It sure sounds like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just officially announced his campaign run on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. They first discuss The Rock’s new GQ cover, but then Jimmy asks about the Presidential rumor.

The Rock admits that perhaps the quote was quickly taken out of context or perhaps expanded upon too quickly, and Jimmy doesn’t seem to pry, but there’s a lot going on under the surface within this interview.

The Rock seems to be playing politics already.

Watch: The Rock Is Already Playing The Political Game

Not only does he go out of his way to credit the photographer and writers behind the GQ article, which are two positions who receive little credit, especially about an article with a major celebrity.

But then he talks about how much he enjoyed the shoot, especially the photos with the kids. Essentially, The Rock has already begun shaking hands and kissing babies, despite how much he’s trying to avoid the question.

In a way, it sounds like he’s already picturing himself in the White House. Plus, Donald Trump actually appeared on WrestleMania back in the day…

Trump Has Also Appeared On WrestleMania

Trump’s WrestleMania | Photo Credit CDN

The A.V. Club reports:

“Johnson’s latest movie, Fate Of The Furious, has grossed over a billion dollars worldwide, while rumors continue to swirl that supposed billionaire Trump is worth a lot less than he claims. (It might be all the bankruptcies. Or the fact that he’s super not into releasing his taxes. Or the constant lying.)”

“Point: Johnson. And, to those who’d point to Johnson’s long and storied career in the professional wrestling industry as proof of his unsuitability for the highest office in the land, one need only note that Trump—thanks to his appearances at not one, but two Wrestlemanias—is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.”

“And, to the people who scoff at the idea of a president starring in a big screen reimagining of the perennially goofy Baywatch (the clip he brought sees co-star Zac Efron having corpse fat drip comically into his mouth), refutation comes with a simple look at Trump’s IMDb page, where it’s clear the current office holder is still getting residuals from things like The Jeffersons, Paul Mazursky’s misbegotten The Pickle, and the 1989 Bo Derek vehicle Ghosts Can’t Do it.”

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