Tiger Woods Arrested On Memorial Day

Tiger Woods DUI | Photo Credit WPTV In case you haven’t heard, golf legend, Tiger Woods was arrested in the morning hours of Memorial Day. On Monday officers from Jupiter, Florida arrested him for driving under the influence. The professional golfer was charged with a DUI at the Palm Beach County Jail.

Woods has since said the incident occurred due to an “unexpected reaction to prescribed medications.” Police later reported that they found the golfer asleep in his car in the right-hand lane, slumped over with the engine running.

Florida police have just released the footage.

Police Release Dashcam Video Of Woods DUI Arrest (double-click to watch it on YouTube)

RT Sports News reports:

“Woods, 41, was detained in the early hours of Monday morning…The 14-time Major winner released a statement after the incident saying that alcohol “was not a factor” in the arrest.”

“It was later reported that police had found Woods asleep in his car in the right-hand lane, slumped over the steering wheel and with the engine running. Florida police have now released footage of the arrest, which shows Woods struggling to walk in a straight line.”

Tiger Woods’ Reckless Life Continues

Tiger Woods | Photo Credit ABC

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports:

Woods “isn’t who we wanted him to be. Woods tried. Man, he tried. Whether the effort owed to his desire to make billions endorsing cars, watches, golf clubs etc. or to please his demanding Pops makes no difference. Since the day he became a professional golfer, Tiger’s every act has been a form of self-defense and preservation, even as he led a reckless life…”

“Even after his November 2009 meet-up with a fire hydrant and all the public embarrassment that followed, Woods kept the planet at arm’s length. He still believed that if he said something, it was so. He lost his marriage and his game, but not his endorsements. We still supported the TW brand. We still wanted to be like him…”

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