BREAKING: Business Owners Unite In Michigan Capital…


Sanctuary City Status

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After just 10 days of being an official “sanctuary city,” business owners in Lansing, MI united to say no to city lawmakers. Fearing backlash from the Trump administration, and a loss of crucial funding for city programs, the city council has changed their minds about refusing to follow federal immigration laws.

While states like Maryland and California push to become the first sanctuary states, the residents of Lansing are taking a common-sense approach. The city council had considered Lansing a “welcoming city” prior to last week’s vote to designate as a sanctuary city instead. At one time, “welcoming” and “sanctuary” could be considered synonymous with one another.

But, a large upswing in the number of illegals, dangerous illegals, has changed that. Councilwoman, Judi Brown Clarke, acknowledged the difference in the meanings saying that the term “sanctuary” has become “very problematic and distracting.” Michigan Chamber President, Richard Studley, said business owners want the council to stop making “political statements” and get back to business.

“I have no problem with the earlier resolution that affirmed the city’s status as a welcoming city. The challenge is with the language declaring the city a ‘sanctuary city’—adopted hastily with little debate. I think that it is easily misinterpreted or misunderstood.”

Business owners see that becoming a sanctuary city is not…

Good Business

Islalmic Grocery Store in Dearborn, MI. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As President Trump and Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, continue with plans to strip federal money from sanctuary cities, concerns are growing about how that will impact state and local economies. In Lansing, businesses fear a loss of federal funds will impact consumer spending, and their bottom line.

While not mentioned in the story, there has to be some concern over the threat of being too welcoming to illegals and refugees. Dearborn, MI has been overrun with Muslim refugees and now submits to Sharia law. Christians and non-believers are often targeted by the city’s occupiers and the feel of “small-town America” is a distant memory.

Regardless of why their decision was made, at the very least Lansing seems to get the bigger picture. Willfully violating federal laws, that are in place to ensure public safety and the prosperity of American citizens, is not good sense. Cooperation has a far greater chance of leading to a positive outcome than defiance and obstruction.




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