Creepy New “Ivanka” Surgery Now Available…


She’s Got “The Look”

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This latest story had me fondly humming a chorus from the 80s’ Roxette song “The Look.”  Here’s to “life imitating art”, it appears that Chinese women are now flocking to plastic surgeons– with the hope of looking more like Ivanka Trump.

In the past, American women have admitted spending to close to $100,00 to achieve features like the first daughter’s. According to Li Yunxing, from Foshan Yiwanka Medical Management:

“Young women are lusting over Ivanka’s features.”.

Yunxing says that the women are hoping to have Ivanka’s “big eyes” “pretty nose and lips”, and her “flawless figure.” Business is booming. The company offers a plethora of services ranging from breast implants to eye augmentation–all modeled after Ivanka.

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Even the organization’s name is a nod to the eldest Trump daughter. “Yiwanka”, (pronounced ee-wan-ka), is the Chinese translation for Ivanka. The group was one of thousands to register a trademark on Ivanka’s Trump name after her father won the presidency.

Regardless of the latest tensions between the U.S. and China, Ivanka’s popularity has soared in the communist country. The ongoing battle between President Trump and Chinese officials has not deterred Chinese businesses from attempting to cash-in on Ivanka’s success in the U.S.

Traditional American Honoring Traditional Chinese.

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The constant backlash that has plagued the first daughter in America has only endeared her more to her supporters– both in the U.S. and across the globe. Ivanka has also openly supported the Chinese people and celebrated some of their more traditional customs.

Back in February, Ivanka shared an adorable video of her 5-year old daughter, Arabella, singing in Mandarin to celebrate Chinese New Year. Together, they rang in the holiday at the Chinese embassy in D.C.





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