Ever wonder how the Robertsons are so good at duck hunting? In Duck Dynasty, we see them hitting fowl out of the air with no problem. Is it all just fake?

Duck Dynasty castsource: Buck Commander Even though a lot of reality TV is staged and fake, the Robertsons would never compromise their authenticity for the sake of looking good to the world. They really know how to shoot birds from the sky.

And if you’re looking to become as good as of a hunter as Phil or Uncle Si, take note of these six tips for hunting ducks.

Act like a naturalist

photo via Western Journalism

No, this is not where you walk around naked — that’s a naturist.

A naturalist is someone who observes and studies nature. This is what you’ll need to do before becoming a great duck hunter. Watch ducks in their natural habitat, how they live, what their tendencies are.

That way, you can better know how to hunt them down.

When to blow, not how

Duck Dynasty castsource: Joplin Globe

Yes, it’s important to know how to blow a duck call — obviously. But knowing when to blow the duck call is almost more important.

The best time is to blow those calls when the duck seem to be leaving the area. Bring them back without over calling.

Get a good decoy

Duck Dynasty gamesExample of a terrible duck hunting decoy (source: Pinterest)

Be like Jase and use only the best duck decoys. He knows how important a realistic looking decoy is — he even requested a custom-made one

According to the experts, doppelganger decoys make for a dang good day for duck hunting.

Keep a journal

Some of the Duck Dynasty fellas out hunting (photo via Wide Open Spaces)

No, this is not a 13-year-old girl diary, this is a serious duck hunter’s journal.

This is a manly set of blank pages that you should use to record what worked and what didn’t. Jot these things down, go over the previous day’s entry, and adjust accordingly. You can’t improve if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong!

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