Ivanka Drops Work And Starts Campaigning for This Amazing Cause…This Is Why We Love Her!


First Daughter Seeks International Attention For Women

Photo Credit: nbcnews.com

The First Daughter’s advocacy for women will take her to a conference in Berlin. There, she’ll be able to gather international attention aimed to help empower women within various economic programs.

Ivanka promoted various child care and family leave policies during her father’s presidential campaign, but as an unpaid White House adviser, she has publicly started to pursue these goals until now.

Senior officials say she has been working and making plans behind the scenes.

Trump Stepped Away From Fashion For Economic Advocacy 

Ivanka Trump | Photo Credit Christian Science Monitor

Yahoo News reports:

“President Donald Trump has noted his support for his daughter’s efforts. In his joint address to Congress, he said he wants to work with lawmakers “to make child care accessible and affordable, to help ensure new parents have paid family leave.” Some advocates said they would like to see a proposal.”

“Patricia Cole, senior director of federal policy for Zero to Three, a nonpartisan organization that focuses on early childhood, said, “We would really welcome a conversation.”

Ivanka Trump Meets With International Leaders

Ivanka Trump | Photo Credit Women’s Health

Ivanka Trump publicly stepped away from her fashion brand to take on this White House role and help women on a global level. In Berlin, she will attend a panel as part of the W20 Summit, which is a women’s focus group made up of 20 countries.

The First Daughter also co-authored an op-ed piece in the Financial Times which asked for more global efforts to be invested in women’s economic empowerment. She wrote, “The evidence is overwhelming that supporting women’s econiomic participation has enormous dividends for families, communities, and whole economies.”

CNN reports:

“Asked about her role in her father’s administration — and whether she represented her father, the American people or “your business” — Trump acknowledged she was “rather unfamiliar with his role … as it is quite new to me.” “I’m listening, I’m learning, I’m defining the ways in which I think I’ll be able to have impact,” said Trump, one of eight participants, including Merkel, Queen Màxima of the Netherlands, and International Monetary Fund director Christine Lagarde.”

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