Mayors Gather To Discuss Retaliation

A group of mayors got together after the “Sanctuary City” threats to discuss how to retaliate against the new mandate. Essentially, these big city mayors are worried they’ll lose money within police equipment and other routine services.

According to Fox News:

“That involves the Seattle, Washington Mayor who is now suing the Trump administration for the proposed crackdown on Sanctuary cities. The lawsuit accuses the administration of using coercion and funding threats to enforce federal law.

“That occurring just hours after several other big city mayors met here in D.C. with Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, who briefed them behind closed doors on what this policy entails. He promised no sweeping round-up of illegals, but many have other concerns.”

Funding, Technology, Police Equipment

These mayors are worried they’ll lose funding in areas such as lab technology, police equipment, and even victim services. The real complication is that no one can accurately define the word “sanctuary,” in terms of this policy.

The Center for Immigration Studies defines it as a “sanctuary city” as a “policy that is non-cooperative and obstructs immigration enforcement.” 

This includes over 300 districts across the United States…

Seattle Begins Lawsuit Against Trump Admin 

Seattle Mayor | Photo Credit Fox News

According to NPR:

“Seattle is asking a federal court to declare that it’s not breaking the law by refusing to join the Trump administration’s effort to strictly enforce federal immigration laws.

“In its lawsuit, Seattle is also asking a judge to rule on whether the executive branch is in breach of the 10th Amendment, which limits the government’s power to commandeer state entities to enforce federal regulations.”

“And the city says the Trump administration is violating the Constitution’s Spending Clause by placing coercive conditions on the funding.”


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