There Will Be NO Cuts To Social Security!

Social Security | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, recently spoke with Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures where he confirmed there will be no cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

His announcement reinforces promises made by President Trump – who has said he will “secure and strengthen Social Security and Medicare”

Mnuchin’s interview comes just days before the president’s first address to Congress which will outline his initial budget proposal.

Speaking directly about the programs for Social Security and Medicare, Mnuchin said:

“We are not touching those now. So don’t expect to see that as part of this budget.”

The budget will specifically focus on tax reforms that will benefit the middle class and simplified tax codes for corporations.

However, these reforms are a critical part of saving the social security system.

Social Security | Photo Credit AFGE

By rebuilding the country’s manufacturing industry and easing tax burdens on working Americans, the economy becomes more robust. And a robust economy will create a stronger, more efficient social security program.

While there are still some unanswered questions about the future of the program, we have reported on some great new changes that are already happening. Benefit increases, higher earning limits, and the “Social Security Reform Act” show that Trump is sincere about…

Keeping His Promises

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Millions of Americans depend solely on their SS income for financial security. The left has insisted that our newly elected president will cut what they refer to as the “social welfare” program. But social security is far from being welfare.

The system was created as a form of insurance meant to guarantee that after a lifetime of hard work, recipients will be rewarded. And the fact is, they haven’t been rewarded enough. Those who need it the most have been struggling to survive and left with more questions than answers.

But they can be sure of one thing -President Trump is working hard for them. By creating jobs, building economic stability, and ending illegal immigration, he will bring SS recipients the rewards they so richly deserve.



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