Getty Images/CNN MoneyGetty Images/CNN Money Trump’s team reported Sunday that Trump wasn’t just smart, he was a certified genius. After a leaked tax return showed that Trump had over a billion dollars in tax right offs. The right offs were from the 1990’s and they got him out of paying taxes for years. Of course it gave Hillary all kinds of guff to give the presidential nominee.

But some other key people saw it differently. The nominees tax bill was already a controversial issue that was powered by Trump’s refusal to allow the release of his tax returns. It’s been a standard practice for years and he refused it. When the truth about his deductions came about, many people were shocked and others were impressed.

Former New York Mayer, Rudolph W. Giuliani defended Trump and called said tactics as ‘pure genius’. There is no other way to describe the reality of Trump’s actions.



Giuliani went on to say that if Trump is this much of a genius, he is definitely the person who needs to be running the show. He’s strategic, intelligent and is someone we should all want working for us. Giuliani made the report on ABC this week.

He also pointed out that the 20 years’ deduction was absolutely legal. There was nothing that ever showed any criminal activity whatsoever. So it turns out, all Trump was hiding was his ability to do things the right way. And save money, too! Which is something this country could definitely use some help with. Not one of Trump’s numerous audits have ever resulted in a single criminal charge.

Things need to be set straight; it is perfectly legal to apply the tax code in that manner. In fact, Trump would have been foolish to not to take advantage of it. He would have actually breached his fiduciary duty to investors he was serving.

Even though Trump could have avoided taxes for as long as 18 years, the number of billions Trump made in the following years likely surpassed any tax deduction and turned into tax debt instead.

Chris Christie also called Trump a genius and pointed out that he followed the law at all times.

“Politically, he has said he is going to change these laws, and there’s no one who is better suited to change these laws than someone like him that has been subjected to audit after audit by the IRS year after year after year,” Christie reported on Fox News last Sunday.


Prior to the 1996 State Tax return, Trump was under the spotlight for saying he would have been smart if got out of paying taxes. Turns out he was right.

It’s time to vote Trump into office

Maybe it’s smart for America to elect a president who actually understands the way system works. And can use it for the advantage of American’s everywhere, instead of voting for a criminal who has a long history of notorious activity against, men, women, troops and the American public.

It’s time to vote Trump into office and make this country what it used to be. It’s not lost, just off the tracks, and someone like Donald J. Trump, can help get it back on tracks in the right direction.

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