The hateful and violent attitudes towards police officers in our country have been a big contributor to that hostility.

The negativity has gotten so bad, that a young Texas man was threatened and suspended because he made the decision to buy a cookie for a local officer.

Photo credit: City of Katy The problem started when an 18-year old employee of the Great American Cookies Company in Katy, TX bought a police officer a cookie to show his appreciation. After the cop left the counter, the customers in line behind him immediately started berating the young man. The female reportedly asked the employee “are you going to buy mine too?”

He responded to the irate customers simply with “I’m sorry, I bought his because he was wearing a badge.” Not surprisingly, his response triggered the cop-haters even more. According to the young man’s mother, who detailed the situation on her Facebook page, the couple began calling her son a racist and threatened to “beat him up.”

“His wife threatened to go back there and slap him,” the post read. “The middle-aged man sat down his little daughter and tried to come behind the counter to attack him. Thankfully his coworker defused the situation.” Unfortunately, making the problem worse for the young man was his employer’s response. He was called into a meeting with his managers, the day after the incident.

Photo credit: Houston Chronicle

One of the men, according to the employee’s mother, wanted him fired. However, the second manager intervened noting that he was an “exceptional employee” who was about to receive a performance raise before this fiasco happened. But, after working only a few hours, the young man was told he would be suspended for one week.

Thankfully, the mother’s post went viral sparking a massive backlash against the company. In response, Great American Cookie reversed their decision and issued a public statement of apology to the employee via the Houston Chronicle. Executive Vice President, David Kaiser, also issued a statement confirming the company’s support for law enforcement.



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