A nation divided cannot stand — and yet, America is in danger of creating her own fall.

Healthcare is in shambles. Americans are out of work. The education system is failing. Illegal immigration is out-of-control. Bad trade deals are crushing the economy. Our enemies are moving closer. Election results proved people are ready to fix all that. Trump understands that pursuing Hillary will not accomplish these goals.

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Recently, in a meeting with the New York Times, President-elect Donald Trump stated he had no intention of pursuing Hillary Clinton. Noting specifically that he wants to “move forward” from the topic, Trump would rather focus on doing the work he was elected to do.

Despite his comments, Trump did not say that Hillary would not answer for her crimes. In fact, he hinted at that being a real possibility, saying “we’ll have people that do things.” But he is wise enough to know he must focus his energies on the things that will strengthen our country and unite us as people.  

Recently, we reported that congressional investigations on Clinton are still moving forward. That has not changed and this could be what Trump was referring to. It is almost certain that South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy, will continue his pursuit of Clinton for her role in Benghazi.

Trump Cannot Make Hillary a Martyr

There is no doubt in the minds of loyal Americans that, Hillary is a criminal. She has committed egregious crimes. Many are angered by Trump’s decision. But, the President-elect is smart enough to know that making her a martyr will not heal America. 

Trump has already punished Hillary. He took the White House and her power away. Millions of Americans punished her by voting for Donald Trump. Donations to her pay-for-play foundation are down 87% as her supporters are jumping ship. The post-election photograph below shows her health is deteriorating under the weight of her sins. Though not physically behind bars, she is detained in a prison of her own making — locked in the nightmare she created. This is a victory.

Source Credit: nbcnews.comSource Credit: nbcnews.com

More Important Matters

Trump was not elected simply to throw Hillary in jail. Does he have the power? Yes. Is that the best use of his power? No. Our country is in trouble. The President-elect cannot afford to focus his attention on Hillary Clinton — she is a minor blip on the radar he must watch. Giving her his full attention will solve nothing except making our nation weaker. We have serious problems that need solutions.

Anyone who believes Trump’s campaign was all about putting Hillary in jail, completely missed the message. The message was that we can no longer allow corruption to run the government. It was about protecting American jobs and businesses. It’s about securing our borders and defeating ISIS. Healthcare, education, law and order — these are the problems Trump was elected to solve.

Source Credit: pinterest.comSource Credit: pinterest.com

We cannot be the party hell-bent on revenge. The left would love nothing more, as this would ensure our defeat in four years. Donald Trump is the voice of reason that America has desperately needed and finally freed. We have a historical opportunity to change the future of our great nation. We have a responsibility not to waste it focusing on unworthy distractions. Hillary Clinton is not worthy of our coming President’s most concentrated efforts. 


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