After Monday’s debates, Trump claimed he was the definite winner of the session. His first debate showed she is clearly not cut out for the job. In case you missed the debates, Hillary was lost and weary. Her constant sniveling looks and glares showed she is not cut out for handling the pressure that comes with being the President of the United States.

After Trump went through a full swing campaign in Florida, he said his campaign is gaining supporters left and right. He reportedly pulled in $18-million after the debates fundraising push.

Hillary Lied for 90 Minutes As Usual

Hillary spent 90 minutes defending herself as she usually does. It’s something she’s gotten quite good at after all the experience of having to own up to lie after lie. Trump on the other hand, laid out his plans for the country. He spoke about job reform and security. He talked about the challenges of Black America and how hard the African people have fought for what they have. He then spoke about it being time for prosperity for all American people, not just the select few. Hillary then argued against the change, went back on her words about regulations and lied, lied and lied.

Of course there were mixed reviews about the debate. But it’s clear, Hillary has something sneaky going on behind that constant grin. I’ve always been told; you can’t trust someone who is always smiling, they always have the most to hide. And that’s what Hillary did for 90 minutes: she had a little smirk on her face. It really showed a lack of backbone. Mix that with her constantly stumbling to find her words and you’ve got a candidate who seemingly cannot be trusted.

Then we have Lester Holt. He held back on Clinton’s follow ups, allowing her off the hook time and time again. At the same time, Holt continually questioned Trump to better express himself. He faced a tremendous amount of criticism for the event. The media has it out for Trump, and that’s easy to see from any perspective.

Lester Holt Moderated Poorly

Trump Claims Victory! Hillary a lost CandidateStill, with Lester’s poor moderating, and Hillary’s constant snares, Trump declared victory. And I would have to agree. He was clear on this country needing change fast. And he’s right, we can’t handle another four years of what’s been happening. It’s refreshing to hear a politician like Trump who will speak from his heart. There is no holding back with Trump, he could care less what Washington thinks or the NEWS. Hillary though, she played it like a professional politician. Fake smile, unimpressive and ready to say whatever she has to in order to gain approval.

Americans do not need another fake person in the White House. We need someone who is not afraid of retribution, someone who is willing to stand up for this country and what is means to be American. It truly is the land of opportunity. But that opportunity should never be given out freely at the expense of Americans who are here and need help.

Lastly, I was surprised Trump never went into detail about the Clinton Foundation and all the accusations the foundation has received. He held himself to a higher standard, even when Clinton brought up his past, he didn’t mention she defended and set free a child rapist who she knew was guilty.

He held back at embarrassing her and it showed he held self-control. Good job Donald Trump! He claims he won the debate and I second it. Like and Share if you agree Trump won and deserves to be the next president of the United States of America.

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