Oliver Stone’s “The Putin Interviews” Now On Showtime


Oliver Stone Speaks With Russian Leader, Putin. Three-time Academy Award winner Oliver Stone, who is well-known for his antiwar films, is back with The Putin Interviews.

Due to alleged Russian tampering with the latest U.S. election, Stone was able to speak directly to Russian leader, Vladimir Putin.

Putin Interviews | Photo Credit Showtime

Stone’s four-part series is meant to uncover Vladimir Putin’s side of the story. Essentially, he wanted to uncover what Putin’s perspectives were on Edward Snowden, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, a modern Cold War, and war and peace in the world.

Stone started working on this project in June 2015.

Stone Wraps Snowden Films, Moves To Putin Documentary

Oliver Stone told The Nation:

“We had just finished filming Snowden – we went to Moscow to shoot the last scene with Ed Snowden in it. We stayed for a few more days and went into the Kremlin to see Mr. Putin for our first interview.”

“Then we did two more days on that trip, so we had several interviews. We returned early next year and the middle of 2016 – each times, different interviews, in Sochi… in the dacha – it was catch as catch can. His time was very pressured; he works long hours. Often he’d leave at 1:00 a.m. and say, “I’ve got another meeting.”

Stone described Putin as “fresh every day,” despite his lack of sleep. Putin seemed disciplined from his days in judo, but he also always wore a suit and tie as he looked “manicured no matter what time of day.”

Stone Spent 22 Hours With Putin

Putin Interviews | Photo Credit Showtime

Over that extended time period with Putin, Stone captured 19 hours of film, which he reduced down to 4 hours.

Stone revealed, “ America and Russia have many common interests, including the war against terrorism. In space, they’d be crucial allies. We shouldn’t militarize space, which is one of their complaints. Certainly climate control… There’s hope there could be partnerships in all this – and a secure world…”

The series is premiering on Showtime this week.

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