Norman Reedus Loves On-Set Pranks

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Norman Reedus

The man who plays Daryl Dixon is quite a prankster on set. In the past, Norman Reedus has done everything he can think of to irritate his British co-star, Andrew Lincoln, who stars as Rick Grimes.

Reedus has filled Lincoln’s rental car with glitter so it would come out of the air ducts and he’s also filled his trailer with chicken. He’s even convinced Lincoln to say a goodbye in Japanese, which turned out to translate to toilet humor.

There is no rest for Lincoln when Reedus is around.

Norman Reedus | Photo Credit Instagram

In this recent photo-gif (here), Reedus seems to simply annoy his co-star while the duo stands for a photo op. Lincoln appears to be fighting back (or biting back) as Reedus goes to jab his co-star in the mouth.

The duo certainly appears to go friends which is perfect for their long days and nights while filming in Georgia. With Season 8 starting production, Reedus has likely been given the go-ahead to post old photos and videos from Season 7.

More than likely, we’ll see much more shenanigans from Reedus on set.

Carol Checks On Daryl Dixon’s Backside

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Norman Reedus

Andrew Lincoln isn’t the only one getting pranked by co-star Norman Reedus. A few weeks ago, the bow-hunter snapped a photo of Carol checking out Daryl’s butt that he promoted on Instagram.

Based on the costumes they were wearing, the photo was also likely from Season 7 rather than anything current. Perhaps it even happened on the day that Daryl found out Carol was still alive, which was one of the most heartfelt episodes to date.

To see more of Norman Reedus’ pranks, check out Instagram for his handle, BigBaldHead. The account also follows his show Ride With Norman Reedus and his production company that has the same name.

What’s your favorite Norman Reedus prank?

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