Kim Jong Un Warns Merciless Strike, Nuclear War

North Korean Missile | Photo Credit Reuters

Kim Jong Un and company warned that the recent drills from American and South Korean troops are a sign of “reckless behavior” that is “driving the situation into the uncontrollable phase of a nuclear war.”

North Korea also said they can attack the United States whenever they want and there’s not anything that Hawaii, the lower 48, or Guam can do to “dodge the merciless strike.”

This message came out in the official government newspaper, which is the Rodong Sinmum. Tensions between North Korea and the United States continue to grow over the past few weeks.

Kim Calls Conduct “Foolish” And “Stupid”

American Drills | Photo Credit EPA

CNN reports:

“Just last week, Pyongyang said it had finalized a plan to fire four missiles toward the US territory of Guam. State media reported that leader Kim Jong Un would assess the US’ next move before giving launch orders.”

“Kim would “watch a little more the foolish and stupid conduct of the Yankees,” a North Korean statement said last week.”

“But US military and Trump administration officials said the 10-day military exercises set to begin Monday, would go ahead as scheduled. The annual drills antagonize Pyongyang, which sees them as practice for an invasion. However, the US and South Korea maintain they are purely defensive.”

17,500 American Troops Run Drills

American Drills | Photo Credit EPA

The Sun reports:

“The exercise involves 17,500 American troops and 50,000 South Korean soldiers, according to the US military command in South Korea and Seoul’s Defence Ministry.”

“Around 30 Brit servicemen from the three branches of the Armed Forces have also travelled out to take part in the 11-day exercise, according to the Daily Mail. “

“The drills have drawn furious responses from North Korea, which views them as an invasion rehearsal. Pyongyang’s state media on Sunday called this year’s drills a “reckless” move that could trigger the “uncontrollable phase of a nuclear war.”

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