Newspapers Endorse Clinton, Trump Supporters Don’t Take it Lightly

Newspapers Endorse Clinton, Trump Supporters Don’t Take it Lightly

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-03

People keep backing up Hillary and shooting down Trump. This has been especially true over the last month or so. Like me, I’m sure you see the error in their ways as Hillary is not to be trusted. Well, guess what? Turns out they’re starting to actually see the error in their ways. Mainly because of the responses they’re getting from their readers.

A lot of people are genuinely P.O’ED at the papers giving support to Hillary. The Cincinnati Enquirer who had stopped endorsing Trump long ago, and the Arizona Republic, both got a lot of mail from their readers. Subscribers came at them in force, in the way of very angry, not so nice letters. The letters were in response to backing Clinton and bashing Trump.

According to the Republic, it got so bad, they even received an anonymous death threat. Looks like a lot of people are ready to fight, rather than see Hillary take office. The Arizona Republic, a long standing conservative paper, was told by its readers that it was not a true conservative publication anymore.

Why Do the Newspapers Support Hillary?

Newspapers Endorse Clinton, Trump Supporters Don’t Take it LightlyThe editor at the Enquirer said people have been canceling left and right. People are genuinely upset by their endorsement of Mrs. Clinton. And I don’t blame them, the woman has clearly got a lot of things to hide. I bet there isn’t even an honest bone in her body anymore. Like a lot of people said, she just stood there during the debates for 90 minutes and lied, lied, lied.

Also, people have been reportedly using some of the foulest language the editors of the two publications have ever seen. Mr. Bhatia at the Enquirer said, “The only thing I don’t particularly care for is some of the language people have used. The anger, the vitriol, whatever you want to call it.”

What Happens If Hillary Wins?

What can he expect? Trump supporters are firm in their beliefs that if Hillary wins this country is doomed. And trust me, if I were allowed to use another word than “doomed,” I would have. Because there’s a lot harsher word that would explain the state this country will be in if that snake in the grass gets into office. Unlike the editors I have no shame in speaking freely about Clinton. The woman is bad news. Anyone who would defend a convicted child rapist and help them get off, does not deserve to be a politician in this country.

If you ask me, that’s enough without all the other garbage Hillary is continually being accused of. It’s almost like every day there is something else she’s got her hands into. And it’s not like it’s anything new, her shady tactics and ways were in question long before Trump ever came into the picture. It’s kind of like her M.O.

Does Hillary Deserve to be President?

It clearly says something when her entire staff gets immunity, most likely because they’re terrified of what would happen if they spoke out against her. Luckily all the endorsements Hillary’s getting aren’t enough to sway the elections. They may have a mild impact on those who are still undecided, but for the rest of us who know Trump is our only hope, let them endorse away. It just shows their character and what they truly feel about this country, deep in their hearts.

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