North Korea Prepares Female Soldiers For Frontline

North Korean Soldiers | Photo Credit Associated Press North Korea’s largest live firing exercise in history took place this week the battalion was made up entirely of women. Kim Jong-Un is prepared to send up to 500,000 female soldiers to the frontline if war breaks out.

While the specific numbers have been unconfirmed, estimates say there are around half a million women in the Korean People’s Army, and Kim says these forces are ready for war.

These female North Korean soldiers were seen in recent military parades goose-stepping through Pyongyang. In rows of twenty-four, the soldiers marched like robots, without missing a beat.

Kim Prepares Female Gunners

North Korean Soldiers | Photo Credit Associated Press

The Sun reports:

“State news reported Kim had recently organized a female gunner competition. “He organized this contest all of a sudden and guided it on the spot in order to estimate and confirm the combat capability of women gunners,” reported the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).”

“In the contest, Kim stressed the significance of training women soldiers for the “great war for national unification” and of preparing all gunners to be able to fight anywhere and any time, said the KCNA. “To this end, the training of artillery units should be conducted under the simulated conditions of an actual battle,” the KCNA quoted Kim as saying.”

Artistic Drills From Totalitarian Government

North Korean Soldiers | Photo Credit Associated Press

The Daily Mail reports:

“Such togetherness is the result of hundreds of hours of drills in soulless barracks, where the recruits perfect their marching formations either by linking arms, or even by being tied together at the neck with ropes.”

“But more than any sense of artistry, this scene at the weekend was designed to be a ruthless display of military power. We are used to seeing this kind of muscle-flexing on old film reels from Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia. But it is the presence of so many regiments of female soldiers which is so fascinating. Every woman has her hair cut to exactly the same prescribed length on the nape of the neck.”

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