N. Korea Arrests Fourth American- Experts Fear More Will Come To Prevent This


U.S. Military Strike

Kim Jong Un | Photo Credit Daily Express

It was announced over the weekend that North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un, has detained a fourth American citizen for “hostile acts against the Republic.” Military experts are calling it “Hostage Diplomacy,” believing that they are being detained simply as leverage to prevent aggressive action by the United States.

NBC reported on the latest arrest:

On Saturday, U.S. citizen Kim Hak Song was detained for “hostile acts against the republic,” the state-run Korean Central News Agency announced. He had been working at Pyongyang Science and Technology University, it added. And last month, North Korea stopped U.S. citizen Kim Sang-Duk, who also is known as Tony Kim, at Pyongyang Airport as he was preparing to leave the country. Kim had also been teaching at that university before he was taken into custody.

According to analysts, North Korea has long since used detained Americans as “bargaining chips.” However, unlike his father, Kim Jong II, the son has no intentions of using the arrests as a means of negotiating with the U.S. Instead, he is using the prisoners as a way to shield himself from potential attacks.

Nevertheless, it was recently announced to Congress that Special Operations Command has made preparations and are ready to…

Strike Nuclear Sites

North Korean Missile | Photo Credit Reuters

In his sworn testimony, Army General Raymond Thomas stated that special operations training and preparations are “a priority,” and in the event of aggressive action by North Korea, they are ready to deal with anything. Saturday’s arrest comes amid growing tensions in the region and officials fear that more arrests will occur.

“Kim Jong Un is using hostage diplomacy as a part of his military and defense strategy with focus on preventing the U.S. from removing him from power as well as to prevent the U.S. from taking military options against North Korea, ” Dr. An Chan Il, president of the World Institute for North Korea Studies and a former defector, told NBC News.

John Nilsson-Wright, research fellow at Chatham House, concurred with Dr. Chan adding that “the current situation is not bad for Kim Jong-Un.” “It’s poking a stick in [President] Donald Trump’s eye in a signal of defiance,” said Wright. On Friday, North Korea accused the CIA and South Korea of being behind a failed assassination attempt on Kim Jong.


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