Violent Manifesto Sent To President Trump

Joseph Jakubowski | Photo Credit Fox News In addition to a violent manifesto that was sent to President Trump, there was also a video published showing the man. He told the person filming, “Revolution: It’s time for change,” and “Y’all have no idea what’s about to happen.” Based on the footage, at least two people are involved in this threat.

There’s a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of this man, due to the 161-page manifesto. Police say not to engage the man, because he is likely armed and dangerous. They believe he’s the same man who broke into a gun store, armed himself, then burned his vehicle.

The man’s name is Joseph Jakubowski and he’s been sent to prison before for trying to take a police man’s gun.

Joseph Jakubowski Threatens President, Churches, Schools

Fox News reports:

“The nationwide manhunt intensifying as the search for a heavily armed, self-proclaimed revolutionary, who mailed a violent manifesto to President Trump. Police not taking any chances—cancelling Palm Sunday church services, fearing that he may be a threat to church-goers.”

“Police found evidence at his home that his manifesto included threats to public officials or schools, prompting the Janesville school district to be shut down on Friday. He also expressed anti-religious views. Police increase their patrols around churches on Palm Sunday as a result. Police want to capture him soon because he’s caused trouble before.

Man Distrusts Authority Figures

Joseph Jakubowski | Photo Credit Fox News

NBC News reports:

“Basically he’s angry at all government officials,” Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden said at the press conference on Friday. “Whether it’s the president or whether it’s local officials or whether it’s law enforcement, he has a dislike for anyone that has authority or governmental power.”

“Authorities identified the person who filmed the video as an associate of Jakubowski and a person of interest in the investigation, Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden told reporters Sunday. “We’re going to constantly revisit that individual and see if they can think of something else that may have been forgotten and what was the motive and some of those type of things,” Spoden said.”

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