MN Democrats Oppose Bill That Would Protect Female Children From…


Genital Mutilation

Photo credit: UNICEF

The barbaric practice of female genital mutilation dates back centuries. It is still being done to women and children in third-world countries like Somalia, Egypt, Sudan, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Mali, Guinea, and parts of Yemen, India and Pakistan. More recently, it was discovered that two Michigan doctors had performed the archaic procedure on two seven-year old Muslim girls from Minnesota.  

The shocking case prompted GOP lawmakers in Minnesota, to put forth a bill banning FGM with stiff penalties for parents who don’t comply. Parents who violate the law would lose their children and face a prison of term of five to twenty years. The latter would be reserved for the most severe cases.

Not surprisingly, state Democrats opposed the bill citing that the punishments were “too harsh.” Instead, they want parents to keep their children and they’ll use taxpayer dollars to educate them on why the practice is wrong. Do they seriously believe that they care that having their children’s genitals removed is wrong?

They don’t care because to them it isn’t wrong. It’s a standard part of their antiquated culture that still views women as animals needing a master. They have no rights-they exist solely for the pleasure of the men in their life. This kind of thinking has no place in a….

Civilized Society

Photo credit: WND

Per WND, a Centers for Disease Control study from last year estimates that 513,000 U.S. girls and women are at risk of having their genitals mutilated. The GOP sponsor of the bill, Mary Franson, said the purpose of the legislation was to send a clear message that this heinous behavior will not be tolerated in MN.

“America is the land of the brave and the home of the free,” she said. “Little girls who moved here from other countries have the right to be free from the oppression of female genital mutilation.” Unfortunately, for that to be the case, liberals would need to accept that assimilation is necessary not oppressive.

Former MN Congresswoman, Michelle Bachmann, blamed the Dems flip-flop on the bill on the powerful Muslim lobby in the state. “The Islamic anti-American lobby in Minnesota proves once again how committed they are to advancing Islamic Sharia law in America,” said Bachmann. “Legislation must inform the Islamic community of the many parts of Sharia law which are illegal when practiced in the U.S.-FGM being but one example.”