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Last night Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gave his second to last speech of the 2016 election season in front of an enthusiastic crowd in Manchester, New Hampshire. This is where the fight for America began for Trump when the state handed him his first primary victory making the impossible, possible.

Possessing a great love of America and for its diverse group of passionate citizens, Donald Trump knew that America would not survive a Clinton presidency. It had barely survived eight years of Obama. Trump knew that our country could not withstand the socialist ideology that has invaded our political and social structures.

He knew that for real progress to happen someone needed to stand-up and shout “no more”.

Despite the FBI’s second refusal to prosecute Clinton, Trump had no problem calling his opponent corrupt and a criminal. Trump also pointed out that her “concerts” were a slap in the face to the political process. Donald Trump has also had no problem flying in the face of political correctness and maintaining a firm grip on the problems and frustrations that the American people have been struggling with for far too long. The threats posed by Islamic terrorism and illegal immigration, high taxes, job loss, unaffordable health care. Not to mention the nuclear technology in the hands of our enemies have left citizens from coast-coast wondering if America will come crashing down around them.

In Dearborn, Michigan, American laws no longer direct justice and civility.

The primarily Muslim occupied city is now ruled by Islamic leaders and Sharia Law. When the Roman empire fell, it was because Roman law was replaced by the laws of those who had immigrated but not assimilated. Caesar may not have known this was a mistake but rest assured, Trump knows.

America is the “land of opportunity.” It is a civilized nation that provides every individual with a chance for a better future. Donald Trump’s success is the result of hard work and the desire to achieve.  

He may very well be America’s last great hope for the future.

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