2Trump Toilet Paper

Photo credit: SFGate Just when you think people couldn’t stoop any lower to insult our president, they find a way to exceed our wildest imaginations. It’s certainly no secret that the relationship between the president and Mexico has been strained. President Trump wants to take care of Americans and he wants Mexico to stop sending their people here illegally. Simple, right?

Simple, right?

Unfortunately, Mexican businessman and lawyer, Antonio Battaglia, has taken offense at President Trump wanting to put America first. To express his frustration at what he calls the president’s “insults of his countrymen,” he has created a new Trump product. Trump branded toilet paper to be exact.

The wealthy corporate attorney has several slogans for the toilet paper including “Softness without borders” and “This is the wall that, yes, we will pay for.” If you ask us, it sounds like Battaglia needs the toilet paper because he is certainly full of crap. He is right about “soft borders,” however.

After all, Mexico sends criminals to the U.S. and then spends $50 million to keep them here because they don’t want them back. We would definitely call that soft, wouldn’t you? Packages are expected to begin rolling off production lines later this year, with 30 percent of the profits promised to…