Breaking-Mexican Companies Branded As Traitors For Bidding On Border Wall


Successful Traitors?

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Apparently, success in Mexico is defined strictly by who you do work for and has little to do with how well you do it. It would also seem that the Mexican government shares the same liberal attitudes as some of America’s leftist politicians. Millions have fled Mexico under the guise of building better lives and financial security and this story may certainly explain why.

From Reuters:

Mexicans who help build U.S. President Donald Trump’s planned border wall would be acting immorally and should be deemed traitors, the Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico said on Sunday, turning up the heat on a simmering dispute over the project.

In a provocative editorial, the country’s biggest Archdiocese sought to increase pressure on the government to take a tougher line on companies aiming to profit from the wall, which has strained relations between Trump and the Mexican government.

It is not just the Archdiocese that is calling for penalties to be imposed against companies that bid on the border wall either. Last week, Economy Minister, Ildefonso Guajardo, issued a stark warning to firms suggesting it would not be “in their best interest” to participate in construction of Trump’s wall. Nevertheless, for these companies, it is about…

Business not Politics

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For businesses in this industry, like Cemex and Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua, their decision to offer supplies and services is about the bottom line. A line that isn’t imaginary when it comes to success and profitability.  

They are not motivated by political ideologies or personal politics. For them, it is much simpler than that. These businessmen know that if they don’t take the job-someone else will. And that, is a recipe for disaster for any organization.

Grupo Cementos CEO, Enrique Escalante, came forward months ago, well before official bidding started, to offer his companies services. Speaking about his reasons, Escalante said:

“We can’t be choosy. We’re an important producer in that area and we have to respect our clients on both sides of the border. For the business we’re in, Trump is a candidate that does favor the industry quite a bit.”






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