George Will, who The Wall Street Journal once referred to as, “perhaps the most powerful journalist in America,” has come out of obscurity to insert his foot into his mouth again and show how out of touch he is with the American people.

George WillPhoto Credit: Rush

The last time he embarrassed himself to this extent, was in 2009 when he wrote about America’s obsession with blue jeans and how upset he was with our denim covered nation. Essentially he is becoming a parody of conservatism, complete with bow tie and disdainful attitude toward the Levis-clad rabble.

I was doubtful he could top that stupidity. I was wrong.  

Yesterday Will said, “the best thing that could happen to the Republican party is a landslide for Hillary Clinton” which, in his lofty opinion, would “emancipate” the Republican establishment forever from those awful talk radio plebeians.   We all know who he is talking about; the great El Rushbo himself, Rush Limbaugh, king of conservative AM radio. On his program on Wednesday, Limbaugh expressed his shock at Will’s open derision of Limbaugh’s contribution to the conservative cause. This election is doing a better job separating friend from foe, than any other litmus test available. There’s something particularly painful about watching conservative icons like Will turn traitor.   

Will’s disloyalty to Limbaugh is the least of what he implied.

  In saying that he wants the Republicans to emancipate themselves from talk radio, what he really means is that he wants emancipation from us. Anyone who has listened to Limbaugh for longer than a year knows that his popularity and rise to stardom is a direct result of tapping into what was widely thought but not said.   Caller after caller will tell him, “I think like you! I thought I was the only one.” The true conservative voices in this country have been so marginalized, so silenced, that millions of people felt alone until Limbaugh hit the airwaves and began speaking what we were all just thinking. He’s never been establishment.   His wealth and success may get him invitations to cocktail parties with the establishment, but he’s never really been a part of it. He’s from Missouri, a place people in the inner circle only fly over. He has new money he made himself, and no college degree (from Princeton or anywhere else) a thing that sets the cocktail party establishment blue-bloods on edge.   So it shouldn’t be surprising that Will, a fixture in the establishment National Review circle, feels comfortable ousting Limbaugh out of the club (since he was never really in it anyway).    What Limbaugh has that the establishment has always wanted are his 22 million listeners a week. But it appears they have decided the embarrassment isn’t worth it so they’re not even pretending to pander to us anymore. The fancy cocktail party peeps don’t want people who are in pain hanging around spoiling the mood; jobless, hopeless, sick and tired of sending establishment types to Washington that do nothing for us.  

They can’t even keep men out of the ladies’ rooms let alone shrink the size of government.

  Talk radio listeners are too deplorable to be included in the conversation that only Ivy Leaguers are invited to. What we are witnessing in America today is not Democrats versus Republicans but establishment elitists versus everybody else.   The political ruling class has finally shown it’s true colors and picked a side. They’re in it for them and they would rather back the Clintons’ criminal enterprise and stay in the halls of power and influence than help those of us on the fruited plains suffering out here under their heavy taxes, regulations, and lawlessness.    Much like Limbaugh, Donald Trump has tapped into the national distress affecting everyone outside the beltway and his message of security, prosperity, and common sense are resonating in a big way.   There’s a big party about to happen that is going to be loud and crass and full of jeans-wearing, beer drinking regular folks. And while we all know George Will wouldn’t want to lower himself to rub elbows with that crowd, I think it’s important to make it clear that he isn’t invited.

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